Quarter Void kitchen: Konnyaku

Ever since I saw a program on TV some months ago about a girl who's diet consisted of only eating konnyaku cooked in different ways, I've been curious to try it myself. Its consistency is similar to gel, and holds a whopping 5kcal per 100g. One package is 250g and costs 90yen at my local supermarket.

So what did I make out of this grey blob?
Well, I followed one of three billion recipes I found on the interwebz; cut in cubes, fry in olive oil, on with soy sauce and some spices, ready to eat.

Ummm weeeell....
The dressing tasted nice anyway.

I recommend this to:
no one in particular really.

That is all.

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Manda さんのコメント...

aaw haha XD i love konnyaku!! 8D there is konnyaku noodles which are really good, u should try those :333

Miriam さんのコメント...

Hahaah, this post amuses me very much~

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

Well, 5 kcal/ 100 g almost makes it worth it. Almost. It's like diet shakes, tastes like a toddler has mixed mud with oatmeal and shredded news papers, and is forcing you to eat it while you're playing tea party.

(Reminds me of something I read at Tjuvlyssnat, actually. A kindergarten teacher was at the playground with a couple of kids, one of them playing in the sandbox. After making a rather mundane looking sand cake, he holds out his spade towards the teacher, asking her to taste. She fakes eating, with exaggerated omnomnom-sounds, and tells him how tasty it is, before saying: Would you like to try some? The kid answers with contempt: No, I don't eat dirt. Gigglesnort. I get sidetracked way too easily.)

Maria♥ さんのコメント...

Äsh gör som jag ät LCHF,
jag har gått ner 16kg än så länge sen augusti ^^

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lex さんのコメント...

It looks kind of good although I don't think anything in connection with a diet can taste good XD