I'm gonna take tons of pictures today! Making memories!
I thought.
But it was to freakin cold and windy and rainy and I was too tired and had a headache and was busy making my head work at all to think about pictures.

So anyway, me and Ryo went to Shimokitazawa today after my school ended. We always go out and do stuff, he wants to take me to places I haven't been to and so on, and today was Shimokitazawa. It felt kinda like Harajuku's backstreets, small streets with loads of shops for younger people. Very cozy (apart from the speakers pumping out music on the streets, I hate that) but since the weather didn't want to cooperate I couldn't really make a fair judgement.

And now I'm sitting here with a head that's trying to kill me.
In the past few days I've also
- been to Mode Gakuen again with Alex (Tojo-san was happy as usual)
- went on a small shopping round with Gaby in Shinjuku
- refrained from cleaning my apartment
but I also seem to have lost ideas of what to write about, in my current state of having a cold that doesn't want to break out so I'm just dead tired all the time instead. Taking this opportunity to ask my readers if there's anything special you'd like to read about?
Like... a post request, or some of the like.
Well, if not, hang on for a while until I put my head back together.
See ya!

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maddy_madness さんのコメント...

I understand what you say about taking pictures in that condition... is the last thing you'll think about!!

I want to go to Shimokitazawa!! Everyone says is a "must see".

I want to do a request! your recommendations on places to go or to eat. Or like the post you did today would be lovely *^_^*