Today I had a short date with Emelie and then went off to Harajuku and, as I once again could confirm, the love of my life; JackRose! It'd been a while since I went there, so my heartbeat went extra faster this time. As in physical terms, yes. (It always does..)
I don't know exactly what it is that does it, but just being there makes me so... happy! Walking around looking at all the clothes, and of course, talk to everyone. Ryo was busy but I went outside with him on his break. When I went upstairs to Luv Maison, me and Ichijou started talking and when we two start there's no end! Suddenly one hour had passed, but it felt like ten minutes..! (He wanted to see my schoolbooks, and then I had to explain some grammar to him, haha!) If the customers wouldn't have come we'd probably gone on even longer. Well... it's always like that when I'm there. I walk inside, and poff! it's gotten dark already.
I just... love everyone there and I love being there. I'm sure I've said this a million times, but.
My sense of style has changed a little bit, I don't want to be 100% men's fashion any more as I was before, but my feelings for Jack hasn't changed.
Me + JackRose = true love 4EVAH!!!!!1

Sorry to bore you with another one of these text posts.
Tomorrow is FujiQ, yay!
See ya

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Personally I think it's great you're leaning towards a more feminime style! I love your manly style too, but DAMNIT I WANNA SEE THOSE LEGS IN PANTYHOSE!