Weekend lazybum

After starting morning classes, I've started to to Fun and Interesting Stuff on the weekdays after school, instead of the weekends, since I basically got all day to do so when school finishes. Yesterday, for example, I spent the whole day out and about with Ryo, and then went to karaoke with some friends in Koenji.

Now it's weekend, and so far I've been sleeping (a lot) and watching movies. After writing this, I plan to watch a movie or two, and then maybe sleep.

A remarkable change from when I had afternoon classes.

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maddy_madness さんのコメント...

Really going class on mornings, at least to me, means doin lots of things on the evening (even study) but if I had class on the afternoon it seems like on the morning Id only sleep and do nothing T_T

That's why I asked for the morning one hehehe

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Well, basically... now it's early nights and early mornings, but I think I prefer late nights and late mornings. I like sleeping in the mornings, mm.