Happy New Year!

Bye bye 2010!☆
Now I'm off to partaaaay~ see ya next year!


ガスト service over 9000

Random picture in Shinjuku east, close to H&M and that. Since me and Malin headed out yesterday to check out the sales. Didn't find anything in particular though. Might want to chek out some stores in 109-2 or so.
We had a small bit to eat in Lumine, but weren't satisfied and went down to the west side where Gusto(ガスト) had opened a new place just on top of 7eleven across the street from Current! Now, I really like Gusto because it's cheap and good food, me and Ryo always use to go at the one near my place. This one however, was newly built and super flashy, there was millions of staff working although there weren't that many customers, and everyone was so eager to serve it was almost creepy. You know, when you walk in and the whole staff says welcomes you and bows to the floor, and there's the "Thank you so much for your order!! *bow*". I like that service yes, in a fancy resturant maybe, but in Gusto, a simple ファミレス, it'd be nice if they just... chill out a bit. Oh well, it was their first day!

Afterwards we went to Closet Child, and at the Vivi, I got myself a little belated christmas gift! Yeeaaah

Közi live 26/12 - 10☆

A bit late but, this Sunday I went to a concert I bought a ticket just two days in advance, since I first didn't even knew about it. Yes. Közi!(!!) I've been trying to get tickets for a couple other concerts of his, but it's always been sold out so you bet I was happy when I got this just two days in advance!

A threeman live, but still. Held in Takadanobaba AREA, I entered the venue at 18:00 sharp because I don't particulary like queuing, eheh.
The first band was amber gris, they have a few good songs but they're not really a band I listen to. Their live performance was good, and, the drummer was kinda cute. They were pretty nice, but not more than that.

After a short break Közi's intro song started playing and ooh my heartbeat rised with it! He was as gorgeous as ever, with a joker/harlequin themed outfit and his hair in a mohawk.
Now then, I don't remember the playlist exactly, because I suck, but he did play most of my favorite songs. His discography is not that wide, but the best part with Közi, the very best part, is that he always plays his songs in different versions. All the songs were different from last time I saw him last year. Everytime I go to a Közi live, it's like hearing new awesome remixes of his songs, and that's just.... ooooh, that's just brilliant. Yes. For example, Honey Vanity was turned into a rock song with a retro 80's drumbeat. How awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

Közi as a live act is just... oh I don't know how to describe it. It's so... real! There is no act! He just walks up on stage, singing and playing his songs, chatting with the audience and his band, being himself and doing what he loves. It's just so awesome to see a real musician who cuts the all the crap. We were in a livehouse but we might've just been in his own living room, that's what it feels like, and I absolutely love it.
His band is really awesome too, especially the drummer. The drummer is just completely nuts! He's also hilarious, and I love seeing him and Közi interact, haha!

Közi's music is like sweet medicine for my soul and his voice is like honey to my ears AH THAT SOUNDS SO CHEESY AND HORRIBLE but hey it's true! There's clearly not enough Közi in my life.

Well then. The last band was 9GOATS BLACK OUT, but actually I'd promised a friend I hadn't seen in ages to go to his bounenkai (new year's party) way before I knew about the concert, and I'd gotten some mails asking where I was, sooo, off I went. Felt kinda bad since this is, ehum, the second time I've left a concert with them, and also, since basically everyone was there to see Közi, a lot of other people left too, but hey, no regrets. It'd been such a long time I've heard from him so I really wanted to go. A lot of people were there and I had a good time! He also gave me a photo of us that was taken about a billion years ago!

Aaah oh but damn. Közi. What a man. What music!
That's just, he's just, oh.
And that's all I got to say about that.


Furisode mania

Got a huge package at my door this morning!

It was my furisode rental set!
As you know, I'm going to the Seijin-shiki, the Coming of Age ceremony, which of course requires the proper clothing. Furisode is the one most flamboyant types of kimono, with long sleeves that is only worn by unmarried women.

There's many parts! The left picture is for decorating and holding up the obi, except the golden long... thing. Which is a collar. The right picture is some undergarments and lots of bands etc to tie the kimonos, basically, stuff to keep your clothes on. Also the huge plastic plates to shape up the obi (and make it hard to breathe).

Light pink underkimono with that awesome collar I choosed. It adds so much to the outfit!

Tabi socks have sole and hooks on the back.

Bag and zori. The pattern on the zori is so pretty, almost feel bad of having my feet block the view. But it's the same on the bag so it's all good.

The awesome super duper floofy poofy schawl! In my opinion, this shawl really makes it for the seijin-shiki outfit! I just wanna bury my face in it! (But I don't.) You wear it while outside, instead of a coat or some of the like.

The obi is this beautiful golden looooong really stiff fabric (4m?) that you tie in a back in some complicated way I've never understand.(It's different for furisode than for everyday kimonos)

Ooooh and the furisode! I can just look at it forever, I think it's so beautiful! None of my pictures does it justice, I just can't capture its beauty in my strip light apartment. But don't you worry, billions of pictures will be taken when I wear it.

What looks like small white dots are in fact glitter. It's glittering!

Of course, everything is made by hand. And the quality is so high I just want to do a dance of joy! (... well maybe I did. A little.)

I'm really, really, really excited over this!
The furisode set has arrived. The invitation to the Shinjuku ceremony is clear. (I want to go to Nakano, Emelie who's also attending wants to go to Ikebukuro, so we take Shinjuku as a great compromise.) I have reserved time at a beauty salon in the morning to get full make up and hair and to get dressed. All I need now is some hair accessories!

Oooh you beast, this is going to be a day to remember.

Christmas 2010!

The Christmas eve started out with Ryo heading to my place. We were really lucky since he got two days in a row off, the 24th and 25th, and that's very rare! (Had to work 8 days in a row before though..)
He'd brought me even more christmas gifts, Nemuneko! You know, the cat I love to death that he always tries to get me at game centers. So now he just up and bought it haha!

Oooooh look at them, I could hug them all day!

We headed over to Jasmine, Gaby and Max, where all of us ate an awesome Swedish christmas dinner, handed out presents, and just had a really good time.

Jaz in action.

Jaz speaks some Japanese, and the rest of the time I translated for Ryo. But we didn't let any language barrier stop us from having fun!

I get tears in my eyes just looking at this food, oh my godness.

Later on we headed up to Nakano to do some Christmas eve karaoke!

Blurry fun! I love this place, it's small and really cheap.

On to Christmas day! Christmas is a holiday for couples in Japan, so me and Ryo went out to a Christmas date. Here's a usual sight in my apartment, he takes forever putting on his boots...
Ah, and as you can see he has blue hair now!
Our destination was Ikebukuro! I've wanted to go to Milky Way for quite some time, where I ate the most enourmous chocolate parfait ever. See the smoke? Well anyway, there was mostly teens there, and us looking the way we do we got some strange looks... Didn't hang around so much there haha.

As you probably know, in Japan you use to eat cake on Christmas. Ryo didn't want to have a proper cake for some reason, but we still wanted some cake, so we went to La Maison up in Sunshine City. That tarte was like sent from above.

A little while after that, we went back to Shin-Nakano, where Gaby had prepared to most delicious English-style christmas dinner! Again with the teary eyes...

I could marry Jaz and Gaby for their cooking. Honestly, it's that good!

The purikura me and Ryo took that day was out of this world. Just look at my eyes! It's not even the biggest eye option! Wow. The machine also had Swedish themed background and stamps, so that was awesome.

That's how things went... My christmas 2010!
I ate myself to death, just as it should be.
Then I came home and read about other people's christmas in Sweden, and it all felt suddenly weird. This year's christmas just passed by without it even really feeling like christmas.. It was christmas but still not.... Yea. Anyway.
Happy holidays!



In Sweden we celebrate christmas on christmas eve, so I'm going over to some friends place for some christmasy times! It's 10c and some bushes are in bloom, but let's see if we can lure out some christmas spirit anyway!

I leave with a christmas song from Kaela Kimura,
"A winter fairy is melting a snowman".

God jul!



You know, it's been a while since I left the teenage angst behind me. When I see cool people I always used to think Why am I not like that, or Why do I have to be like this, but nowadays I usuallly just think Weeeell y'know everyone's different! and continues with whatever it was I was doing.
But, today is not that kind of day. Today when I see cool people I get sad over my own un-coolness and my unability to do something about it. I don't like thinking like that, but sometimes it just can't be helped...

Oh well. Tomorrow's christmas eve.


From now on: winter holiday!
Haven't really worked that into my system yet, but damn it's gonna be nice to chill out for three weeks! Was at the school's christmas party today, it was as the school's parties always use to be. But I'm not going back until next year! (...will never get tired of that joke.)

Thought I'd spend tomorrow, the first day off, working on my illustration job. Was at a meeting yesterday at the mysterious 5th floor where the school board is and no students are allowed. It was very fancy.

In other news, I've lived here for 15 months, and today I made a point card at one of my local supermarkets!


Good day

Today I followed my friend Malin to the hospital, in wherever-it-was on the Ooedo line not so far from Shinjuku. Sat there for some long hours and got hungry.....

So afterwards we had dinner at a small place right next to Current. (Our regular bar if someone has forgotten.) It's a teeny tiny place serving Mexican food, held by two women that both seemed to be at least a few hundred years old. The place was stuffed with as much Mexican themed items they could fit on the walls (and everywhere else) and on the TV was Mexican wrestling. We had taco and nachos, and I must say the food was awesome. First time I had taco in almost 2 years? Tasted heavenly but afterwards my mouth was burning from the spicyness. That might just be me who's sensitive to spicy food though.

Afterwards we headed to Donki since I intended to buy a christmas gift for my boyfriend, but it wasn't there. So I might just have to go to Akihabara again tomorrow after school where I saw it before. Mh.

At Donki in Shinjuku, on the other hand, I saw Ibi again, a designer of Sixh. Oh and last week I passed by Mint, the other designer. Really now, I bump into those two all the time! Especially Ibi. He's even giving me recognizing looks! Maybe next time I should do a high five or something.

In other news, the school board liked my drawing I sent in to the contest so much that they want to hire me as an illustrator. Awesome! Going to a meeting tomorrow.

Earlier today also I got an invitation from an old friend that I haven't seen in quite some time.
All in all, a very good day.

This post feels confusing.
Is it?
Need to straighten up a bit.


Top 5

My top 5 most frequently used words at status updates on Facebook:

1. Now
2. Awesome
3. Home
4. Wanna
5. JackRose

And a not so usual word I've used:

Hmmmm yes, that sounds about right.

Long time no Pain of Doom

So. Much. Food!
Nope, couldn't finish it all.
But so worth the money! At the trip to Ikea, meatballs are obligatory.

Unconveniently enough, it's that time of the month, and I was unprepared so I had no painkillers with me. I thought to myself that I'd just ignore it since I'd taken myself all the way out to Ikea, but as always when I think that way it works the absolute opposite and I had to break it off and go home ahead of my friends. The pain starting from my stomach out through my entire body was so intense that I coulnd't think straight and was so close to just collapse many times, but I managed to take myself all the way home anyway. Well, now that I think about it, I think I did pass out a bit on the Marunouchi line...

Today I'm indulging myself in Doctor Who and eating Swedish candy for lunch, as a little reward for managing to stay alive yesterday. Yeah!



Nice weather today! And I'm slowly (slowwwly) recovering from my cold!
Went a to Ikebukuro with Emelie and Malin for a bit. Then took the long train route home just so I could sleep. Ooh why does it feel so good to sleep on the train, why.

In school there was this tiny ceremony where they handed over the prices and stuff. I won the contest, so I got a diploma, some candy and a book gift certificate of 2000yen! Nice!

Oh! And I got another christmas package from my parents!
Did I mention before that I was gonna try lose weight?


Sneak peak

Oooooh I'm pretty excited over this!!



Another christmas present from Sweden arrived!

A pair of boots!

I still feel like crap. But today I had to do my make up all fancy anyway cuz I've won the small contest at school with my illustration, and they wanted to take a picture. On friday I must look good as well, since there's gonna be a tiny ceremony where they hand over the price. (Nothing fancy though.) Hope I feel better by then! Ryo bought me some more medicine so hopefully it will kick in soon. (Well I still feel silly for taking medicine for a common cold, but I'm in Japan so what can you do!)

I'm also in the middle of searching for a certain wearable thing for a certain big event, I really hope everything will go smooth! Cross my fingers!!!

//intelligent title cuz I feel extra intelligent today orz.


See you in the next life...

I swear this picture isn't photoshopped.

So I'm down with a cold and feel miserable, extra much because I still had to go out food and medicine while it's raining! Booh. But I either want or can afford being home coughing my guts out, so this medicine better work its purpose. (Well it better, it wasn't that cheap mind you.)

I comfort myself with the christmas gifts I got from my aunt and sister this weekend. From my aunt I got loads of new underwear and such, and from my sister a book and this small antique lion box.

I use it to store the pills. Makes it a bit more fun to take my medicine!
Now, rest and another episode of Doctor Who.