Akiba Monday

Today's date with my boyfriend was spent in Akihabara again. We went to a cat café and got rejected by all the cats for a while, except those who were asleep. You get this romantic idea of cat cafés where all the cats love you and you can cuddle with them all day, but from my experience, the cats usually just tries to avoid you all they can, damnit. Or maybe it's because I'm a foreigner, I dunno.

The dinner on the other hand was great! I've never seen that before, but it was like... sashimi-don. Think gyuudon but with sashimi instead! In layman terms, a bowl of rice with raw fish on top. Now that might not sound so cool to some people, but it was AWESOME. I had salmon and tuna, and since salmon sashimi is a huge passioin of mine it was an instant win, yes.
Now then, the main goal with going to Akihabara was to get myself a new camera. I did turn my old one in for reparation, but they called me the other day and told me it'd cost 43'000yen (about 4000SEK) and adviced me to buy a new one instead. And so I did!
Or rather... when I'd made up my mind, Ryo took the charge of it all since he'd already decided to give it to me as an early christmas present. So he gave it to me just like that! Say, what did I do to deserve this guy anyway??

Now, the reason why I, instead of having clear, crisp pictures, just took a picture of the camera with my cell phone again, is that I have no memory card yet eheh. But I'll get that tomorrow or so, and then the era of blurry cell phone pics is OVEEEEEEER

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I'm relieved I'm not the only one who gets rejected by the cats TT I even get scolded for touching them too much, when the Japanese people are picking them up!

The new camera looks great!