Another christmas present from Sweden arrived!

A pair of boots!

I still feel like crap. But today I had to do my make up all fancy anyway cuz I've won the small contest at school with my illustration, and they wanted to take a picture. On friday I must look good as well, since there's gonna be a tiny ceremony where they hand over the price. (Nothing fancy though.) Hope I feel better by then! Ryo bought me some more medicine so hopefully it will kick in soon. (Well I still feel silly for taking medicine for a common cold, but I'm in Japan so what can you do!)

I'm also in the middle of searching for a certain wearable thing for a certain big event, I really hope everything will go smooth! Cross my fingers!!!

//intelligent title cuz I feel extra intelligent today orz.

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lex さんのコメント...

How is the weather in Tokyo nowadays? In Hungary we have -17 celsius for the nights :S

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Well the temperature is around 12-13 c now with crisp air, but it's getting colder. Yea I heard it's already -20 or so in Sweden at daytime :I glad I'm not there right now haha