Furisode mania

Got a huge package at my door this morning!

It was my furisode rental set!
As you know, I'm going to the Seijin-shiki, the Coming of Age ceremony, which of course requires the proper clothing. Furisode is the one most flamboyant types of kimono, with long sleeves that is only worn by unmarried women.

There's many parts! The left picture is for decorating and holding up the obi, except the golden long... thing. Which is a collar. The right picture is some undergarments and lots of bands etc to tie the kimonos, basically, stuff to keep your clothes on. Also the huge plastic plates to shape up the obi (and make it hard to breathe).

Light pink underkimono with that awesome collar I choosed. It adds so much to the outfit!

Tabi socks have sole and hooks on the back.

Bag and zori. The pattern on the zori is so pretty, almost feel bad of having my feet block the view. But it's the same on the bag so it's all good.

The awesome super duper floofy poofy schawl! In my opinion, this shawl really makes it for the seijin-shiki outfit! I just wanna bury my face in it! (But I don't.) You wear it while outside, instead of a coat or some of the like.

The obi is this beautiful golden looooong really stiff fabric (4m?) that you tie in a back in some complicated way I've never understand.(It's different for furisode than for everyday kimonos)

Ooooh and the furisode! I can just look at it forever, I think it's so beautiful! None of my pictures does it justice, I just can't capture its beauty in my strip light apartment. But don't you worry, billions of pictures will be taken when I wear it.

What looks like small white dots are in fact glitter. It's glittering!

Of course, everything is made by hand. And the quality is so high I just want to do a dance of joy! (... well maybe I did. A little.)

I'm really, really, really excited over this!
The furisode set has arrived. The invitation to the Shinjuku ceremony is clear. (I want to go to Nakano, Emelie who's also attending wants to go to Ikebukuro, so we take Shinjuku as a great compromise.) I have reserved time at a beauty salon in the morning to get full make up and hair and to get dressed. All I need now is some hair accessories!

Oooh you beast, this is going to be a day to remember.

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IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

Gash, I'm so jealous right now....I missed mine! ;__; jävla skit helvete

lex さんのコメント...

You'll be beautiful :)