Koenji is just a short distance from Shinjuku (or a 40min walk from my place) but completely different. There's a calm and cozy atmosphere, with three billion vintage and second hand stores. You can find so much weird or nice or hilarious or super hot or everything-all-at-once stuff, but the prices is often ridiculously low.

I got four rings and a bracelet for a smashin 2000yen!

Oh and uh yes, here's the reason I've gained weight... Ryo has a sweet tooth like no other and always says Hey let's go eat this!! and since I myself is a sucker for sweet things, I always say yes. My soul is happy, but my waist is not, so, there's gonna be a break from the sweet stuff for a while now.

Oh and, Ryo still has this kind of obsession of trying to get cute cat items at game centers, today he got two small white ones, for us both. Thought it fitted pretty well with his over all image, heh.

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