Közi live 26/12 - 10☆

A bit late but, this Sunday I went to a concert I bought a ticket just two days in advance, since I first didn't even knew about it. Yes. Közi!(!!) I've been trying to get tickets for a couple other concerts of his, but it's always been sold out so you bet I was happy when I got this just two days in advance!

A threeman live, but still. Held in Takadanobaba AREA, I entered the venue at 18:00 sharp because I don't particulary like queuing, eheh.
The first band was amber gris, they have a few good songs but they're not really a band I listen to. Their live performance was good, and, the drummer was kinda cute. They were pretty nice, but not more than that.

After a short break Közi's intro song started playing and ooh my heartbeat rised with it! He was as gorgeous as ever, with a joker/harlequin themed outfit and his hair in a mohawk.
Now then, I don't remember the playlist exactly, because I suck, but he did play most of my favorite songs. His discography is not that wide, but the best part with Közi, the very best part, is that he always plays his songs in different versions. All the songs were different from last time I saw him last year. Everytime I go to a Közi live, it's like hearing new awesome remixes of his songs, and that's just.... ooooh, that's just brilliant. Yes. For example, Honey Vanity was turned into a rock song with a retro 80's drumbeat. How awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

Közi as a live act is just... oh I don't know how to describe it. It's so... real! There is no act! He just walks up on stage, singing and playing his songs, chatting with the audience and his band, being himself and doing what he loves. It's just so awesome to see a real musician who cuts the all the crap. We were in a livehouse but we might've just been in his own living room, that's what it feels like, and I absolutely love it.
His band is really awesome too, especially the drummer. The drummer is just completely nuts! He's also hilarious, and I love seeing him and Közi interact, haha!

Közi's music is like sweet medicine for my soul and his voice is like honey to my ears AH THAT SOUNDS SO CHEESY AND HORRIBLE but hey it's true! There's clearly not enough Közi in my life.

Well then. The last band was 9GOATS BLACK OUT, but actually I'd promised a friend I hadn't seen in ages to go to his bounenkai (new year's party) way before I knew about the concert, and I'd gotten some mails asking where I was, sooo, off I went. Felt kinda bad since this is, ehum, the second time I've left a concert with them, and also, since basically everyone was there to see Közi, a lot of other people left too, but hey, no regrets. It'd been such a long time I've heard from him so I really wanted to go. A lot of people were there and I had a good time! He also gave me a photo of us that was taken about a billion years ago!

Aaah oh but damn. Közi. What a man. What music!
That's just, he's just, oh.
And that's all I got to say about that.

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Anchu さんのコメント...

OMG no, NO! D: How come I didn't even know?! And it was a SOLO live, noo! How damn rare is that!
Oh but I love your reactions to that guy, they're just perfect <3
He is really god damn oh. End.

(And omg once again, you're going to Seijin-Shiki ;_; It's my dream to wear a furisode, but I'm already too old for that stuff.
I'm so jelly you lucky girl! *sigh*)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Actually it's not that rare (anymore), he's been doing quite a lot of lives this past year! I just really hope he continues that way ♥

Anchu さんのコメント...

But it was mostly random session bands and stuff, didn't think he was going at it solo that gorgeous bitch! Still can't believe I missed a live by 2 weeks last year..

Between, have you tried out his new (real) band's music? :D
80's electro pop to it's fullest <3