Long time no Pain of Doom

So. Much. Food!
Nope, couldn't finish it all.
But so worth the money! At the trip to Ikea, meatballs are obligatory.

Unconveniently enough, it's that time of the month, and I was unprepared so I had no painkillers with me. I thought to myself that I'd just ignore it since I'd taken myself all the way out to Ikea, but as always when I think that way it works the absolute opposite and I had to break it off and go home ahead of my friends. The pain starting from my stomach out through my entire body was so intense that I coulnd't think straight and was so close to just collapse many times, but I managed to take myself all the way home anyway. Well, now that I think about it, I think I did pass out a bit on the Marunouchi line...

Today I'm indulging myself in Doctor Who and eating Swedish candy for lunch, as a little reward for managing to stay alive yesterday. Yeah!

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I'm sorry to hear you have that much pain from the period. I'm glad you could make it home alright TT