You know, it's been a while since I left the teenage angst behind me. When I see cool people I always used to think Why am I not like that, or Why do I have to be like this, but nowadays I usuallly just think Weeeell y'know everyone's different! and continues with whatever it was I was doing.
But, today is not that kind of day. Today when I see cool people I get sad over my own un-coolness and my unability to do something about it. I don't like thinking like that, but sometimes it just can't be helped...

Oh well. Tomorrow's christmas eve.

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I was just like you and now I'm trying to change myself, to love myself more and respect myself as I deserve it. And in my opinion you're totally cool and sometimes when I read about your life or see pictures of you I think to myself "She is so cool, I wanna be like her".

So don't let negative thoughts get you - you're awesome the way you're :)