My new camera!

I'm so stupidly happy for this new camera. Perhaps since I haven't done any shopping for myself at all lately, and now I got me something new!

It takes pretty decent pictures too, good enough for me anyway. Well, awesome for a digital camera that costs just a bit over 10'000 yen, if you ask me. Here's west Shinjuku because I happened to be there when taking the very first picture!

And, maybe a better pic of the deco:

Still can't see much (it's hard to get a good picture of the camera with the camera haha) but maybe you can get an idea. Couldn't catch the sparkling though... When it comes to deco I always prefer Swarovski stones, nothing beats the glittering!

By the way, o hai December.

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さらまり さんのコメント...

Yes, I think the pictures are nice quality too! And I love the deco you did, the monotone colors are lovely!