So, this Thursday me and Ryo went out and about again. After the ramen bowl of death and a couple of hours karaoke in Takadanobaba, we headed to Ikebukuro and hanged around in Sunshine city and some game centers.

In the evening, we went and watched Paranormal Activities 2: Tokyo night! (Not the American sequel, the Japanese one.) I got more scared of the American first one, I guess that's because I can relate more to westerners and blabla. But the Japanese one was really good, felt a bit more interesting and yes, really scary! Recommend.
It was pretty amusing how all the girls in the audience screamed like they was actually going to die at the scary parts in the movie. Then I glanced at Ryo and saw that he too had some serious problems keeping his wits together haha, adorable!

I find it a bit hilarious how we have pretty much the same hair color now!
(Except mine is my natural and his is bleached of course.)

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I have never even seen the American version, because I can't watch horror movies haha.

Oh the purikura is so cute, you look so beautiful and happy!