Wednesday updates

Man, today isn't over yet and I'm already so tired...

After school I headed to Harajuku, and popped into JackRose. Had to fix my watch (again) since a link fell out afterIchijou fixed it for me last week since Harada had put in a link of wrong size and color... ah. It should be fixed now anyway, haha!

When walking back to the station I got caught by Tokyo Grafitti again, the magazine I got street snapped by before. This time they did a little interview instead. It's quite possible I look like a twat on the photo pffaha.

After some christmas present shopping, I headed home and to the kimono shop just a few blocks away from where I live, to do some more christmas present shopping. It's run by an old couple who seemed so happy that I stayed and talked to them! And the gifts I got are so beautiful, and such high quality, I love giving nice things to people I cherish.
But ouch, now I'm so close to being broke. My family better be happy about their presents, or I'm gonna be sad and broke!

Heading home, my brain was stuck in thinking about beautiful traditional Japanese stuff, so here's an autumn picture of my local shrine.

Now I'm gonna watch another episode of Doctor Who and lie down and die some more before Ryo comes over after his work. By the way, he's the one who writes the JackRose blog, and the other day he'd written a hidden message to me! Well I didn't notice until he told me, so I suck haha.

Peace out!

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