A halloween donut at two friends place in the middle of their packing. They leave tomorrow and why did I feel so incredibly sad?
Maybe because I'm leaving soon as well. Lots of goodbyes nowadays... ugh.
I need to change that goodbye to see you soon instead.



Graduation gift to myself!
I have a lot of love for this man and his music.



Today, I graduated my Japanese school after two years!
I'm finished and done with it!
Although I still have so much to learn I was able to reach N1 level, so I'm pretty satisfied with it.

There was no ceremony or anything, since I just finished after a regular semester and not in spring when everyone usually graduates. So, I held a little speech, I got the diploma and cards with messages from everyone in the class, and then it was just uhm ok bye. It's what I expected, I've only been with this class for one semester (i.e. 3 months) so there's not exactly any bonds there haha. (Except for my one friend in class though) But I got a really heart warming message from my favorite teacher!

I still can't really grasp that I've graduated, but I guess it will sunk in soon. I'm going back next week to pick up my grades and a few other things too.
Damn... I have mixed feelings about this too..!
Anyway, now 2 years of Japanese studies are over!



Holy sh--
It's coming right at us! (Tokyo is at the cross)
Weather warnings for Nakano: Heavy rain (inundation), flood, storm.
This typhoon better be over by morning because I'm not missing my last day of school!


So long, see you soon

This weekend has been so much fun! Saturday, I was invited to a nomikai in Shinjuku from a friend and met lots of new fun people! After that me and my friend went to Current where suddenly a jazz band walked in and held a surprise mini live. And after that I went clubbing in Shibuya for a couple of hours before taking the morning train home. And Sunday, I went for yakiniku and lots of drinks in Koiwa! Today, Monday, is a national holiday so I've been resting up watching True Blood all day.
It's been tons of fun, I really want to enjoy myself the last time...

Yes, I've really somehow been reluctant writing about this, and also since probably the rest of the world already know... After graduating next week I'll have a couple of weeks free time, and then I'm going back to Sweden. I cancelled my apartment last week and soon I'll have to start sorting out what to pack or send home.
The plan is to get a job and work my ass off that those 5-6 months, before I come back for college. Because if I just get student allowance from CSN, I'm really going. I've finally found something I want to do with my life, and it feels great!

It doesn't feel as great leaving the country though... I'm very sad about it and I guess that's why I haven't really allowed myself to think about it. But even if I don't, in just three weeks I'm boarding a plane to Sweden!
Of course I can't wait to meet my family and friends back home, but at the same time I'm basically leaving my life that I'm so happy with behind... or something. I don't know, as you would understand it's very mixed feelings about this.
But I'm coming back soon so I'm must stay positive!


A few stuff

 My tonsillitis is gone! But that was a nasty case indeed, I could barely speak for several days. This ice cream, however, is awesome and might be one of the best I've eaten and yes, eating ice cream when having tonsillitis is probably the only sensible to do.
 The other day me and Jaz took purikura but the machine weren't quite as happy as we were, since the ink had run out so we had to call a staff. But he gave us chocolate candy so no harm.
And this is a silly keychain I got as a present from my teacher. I'm gonna say this again. I got a present from my teacher, who's the most serious and strictest and sometimes scariest teacher at school. But he's also my favorite teacher! He's the only one who's actually got angry at my classmates when they behave extremely disrespectful.... My class, yes, is an entry of it's own, I can tell you there's been a lot of frustration from my part. But! This teacher came up  to me after class this week and told me that even though my class is awful, because I've been there he's been able to look forward having it and when I graduate he's gonna miss me! Now, who wouldn't be happy hearing that from one's favorite teacher?

Speaking of, I graduate school next week.
Next week?!
Next week.



Sometimes it happens that you've just been so busy you've barely have time to sit down, and that's been my past week. At least it feels like it, and when I did have time to sit down I've been to tired to blog. Also I've got a nasty case of tonsillitis, so it feels a bit crap right now.

But last week I got the result for the Japanese Language Profiency Test (JLPT) and I cleared it! I just took N2, but I had a pretty big marginal so it feels good.

Last week a friend of mine who's been living in Korea for the past 6 months stayed at my place, and we've been all over the town! Finally checked out some of the bars that's around my school; why haven't I done that earlier? A couple of them were awesome.

A picture of Yoyogi kouen at night from a party this weekend, full moon complete with loads of bats flying around.

Today we went to do X-ray with school, to check for tuberculosis. It's mandatory in Japan, although I think I'm already vaccinated?
Anyway, it all ended within an hour which was good, now I'm at home with my tonsils aching like there's no tomorrow.

And other than that, still busy with preparations for college.... So. Much. Paperwork. Certificates and papers that need to be sent here and there and everywhere... Agh.


Shinjuku pose

You know what?
Never mind the last post.
From now on, when I'm wearing these pants, I'll always pose like this instead.



Not my usual style but who cares. This way I can almost pretend I'm all fit and healthy, while in reality I'm on my way to the cake buffet!


Dat lunch set

I don't always eat lunch sets, but when I do I eat it all.


Shopping spree

That is right folks, I allowed myself some shopping!
Guess where?
...the 300 yen store.
Hardcore stuff.
A room spray (or what's it called) that says Citrus but smells like candy. Now my apartment smells like candy. Yummeh.
And a cute case for my hanko!
Yes! I'd completely forgotten all about it, but I found it lying around yesterday. I think I bought it just after I came to Japan two years ago... and then I forgot it, it's never been used.
Hanko is a stamp with your name on it, and Japanese people use this instead of writing signatures. There's special stores for them, or you can find cheap ones with the most common names here and there. I went to a special store since I had to special order one with my name.
The little case I bought today has ink too, so it's ready to use at any time!
And there we have it!
I'm not sure why I bought it, I have no use for it since foreigners never need hanko and can just squish a little signature instead on all kinds official papers. I'm also not sure why I ordered my given name instead of my family name... but I guess it was because my family name is quite long.
Oh well. Fun thing to have!

I also popped into Donki and bought a tracksuit for a mere 2000 yen.
Oh no, don't worry, I'm not gonna use this for exercising! Haha, really now... But it'll be nice to wear at home, or if you suddenly need to go to the konbini at 2 in the morning. So if you see a suspicious person in the middle of the night wearing a shiny black track suit with even more shiny gold details, yea that's probably me.



 Today I had lunch in Shinjuku with my friend Junko. She surprised me by giving me... a yukata! And a bag and obi decoration! Just like that! (The obi on the picture is from my other yukata set) And this is some nice quality from Odakyu as well. Quite different than the white one I bought at Shimamura, haha! I also find it amusing that there's butterflies on both of them..!
Oh wow, when's the next matsuri? I wanna wear it now!

Also, dat lunch set.

Koenji awa odori

This Saturday me and some friends went to the awa odori in Koenji! It's one of Tokyo's biggest matsuri, so there was loads of people. Of corse, dressed up for the occasion!
Rebelling at the "Keep out" sign
Yukata is so nice to wear, it's easy to put on and while it was still nice to take off, it's not at all uncomfortable to wear.
Sooo many people! Had a bit of a hard time seeing the all the dancers. There's so many different dances and dancers, it went on for three hours but we didn't watch it all.
Drinking at a local jub! I love Koenji, the atmosphere is just so wonderful. If I didn't like Nakano this much, I'd want to live in Koenji! (But they're right next to each other so it's okay anyway.)
Later we went to a darts bar, and then I made my way home while the others went to para para.
I get so happy every time I see people in yukata or jinbei! And at matsuri, there's a lot of men wearing it too! A young couple in yukata is just so cute, don't you think?
(....I'm not talking about me and Jaz here.)

Yesterday I went to a friend's friend's live event in Shimokitazawa, but stupid as I am I didn't take pictures, not even of the afterparty... I might get some from another friend, so I can write about that more later.
See ya!



Yesterday was a sports day with the school, nothing that deserves an entry of its own. I don't get why they persist in having those sports days, it's so boring. Even if you happen to like volleyball (yes, volleyball.) you still gotta stand around for ages waiting for your class' turn to have a match.

Here's what I did today - my part time work as a tranlsator. I do voice recordings a couple of hours each time. I could also take a picture of the office and my other workspace but I guess everyone already knows what a computer looks like.

I just spoke to my friend on the phone who just came back from a trip to her hometown Sendai, where she picked up her old kimono and obi she wore two times when she was 20 years old. She's 65 now and doesn't have any daughters so she's giving them to me! As in a real silk kimono with matching obi that I gave up the thought of owning because they're so ridiculously expensive!
AH so grateful and surprised and excited and I haven 't even seen it yet but hnnnnggg!!


Hana no mai

The other day I met with my friend Sakura! After some karaoke we went to Hana no mai in Kabukichou. Really nice place, great recommendation if anyone's interested. Nice interiour, friendly staff, tasty food, not that cheap but still reasonable prices.
And a great view of west Shinjuku! (17th floor)

Actually the whole reason we picked that izakaya was that they currently have a collaboration with  Hakuouki, that Sakura absolutely loves. So there was some serious moe going on there, i tell ya...!
The drinks were tasty but too weak, haha.
Their salmon sashimi was the best I've ever tasted. I'm not even kidding.
I always order salmon sashimi at izakayas, it's one of my absolute favorite dishes, but this just took the price! I could eat this for the rest of my life...
Also this sausage in melted cheese with bread thing, deeeelish!

Nighttime over Shinjuku...
Yea that's me in the window.

I can't believe I just made a whole picture entry about one visit to an izakaya, haha.
But it feels like this day was kinda important in a way... It's when I realized that the path I'm about to choose is very difficult and will certainly not be easy in any way whatsoever. BUT.
That I want to do it anyway.

Will make an entry about that later
Peace out ☆


The ears

This Monday I was enjoying myself in Shinjuku.
My burns are allright now! Not completely healed yet, but it doesn't hurt anymore so all is good. This Monday it was still hurting, but I couldn't stand being inside anymore.

We went to Mysterious and later Arabian Rock, two themed izakayas (I think you can guess the themes) who has really nice interiour although the food isn't all that special to be honest.
Before that I met my friend I went to Alta and had a mini shopping spree, some new earrings so I could make some updates on my ears! And that is about what I allow my self to shop these days, I'm on a super strict saving budget. My plan is to start college next year, but it's a lot of money involved...


Quarter Void report: nothing new.

The products that might have helped prevent my limbs from rot and fall off all together!

No but really, has this week been painful or what... and it's not even healed yet! My feet and the lower back of my calves looks like a warzone, something noone would go near. But the rest of the burned parts are fine now, I've shed skin on my nose two times already and my hands and arms has got a super tan, compared to my other white milk white skin, haha.
I probably should've seen a doctor, but a few days ago I couldn't even stand up for a few seconds, and now there's no real point anyway, I think.
Due to my extreme inactivity, I've gotten insomnia deluxe as well so now I'm sleep deprived too!
Yea this is kindof a depressing entry, but I just want people to know of my SUFFERING.
Also I've been all alone the whole time. Boo.
What a waste of my summer holiday...



Remember that awfully good but seriously depressing manga I blogged about? Well it's gonna be a liveaction movie, with no other than Takayuki Yamada in the leading role! Eff yeah!


Akigawa river bonkura BBQ

Sunday was the barbeque at Akigawa river! All the way off to Musashi-Itsukaichi, kindof countryside with beautiful mountains and lots of delinquents loitering around in the middle of the nights. I actually went there the night before to meet up with some friends and spend the night. When I think about it now, I have no idea why I did that, but I guess you have to sleep by the riverside at some point in your life... or something. And the dawn was just stunningly beautiful.

Sunday morning all the other people arrived, and there was some serious bbq time!
Oh man just look at those shining white legs, blinding everyone in sight.. no wonder I got burned so bad.

Sitting in the river was so nice and cool in the heat.
Group shot!
It was tons of fun but oh did I have to pay for it with this super nasty burn...
Actually at the subway on my way home this random (Japanese) woman came up to me and started saying "Oh dear you seem to have burned yourself very bad, you must quickly go home and put ice on it..!!" and then she interrupted herself with "Oh but maybe, yes... I think it's already too late..."
Well she was right, today is day two and my feet are still red and super swollen, I can't even stand up let alone walk around without intense pain, oh dear where is this gonna end...


Campus Summit 2011

Last friday I went to Campus Summit at Shibuya O-EAST, a huge gyaru event that I got a free ticket from Jaz. All the famous models were there, and the model bands and some other performances.
CiEL and PLAY-Z performed, both being absolute crap, haha.
Also, I'm not a fan of playback..
And she needs to have a cheeseburger or two.
There were a lot of people there, but over all it was kinda boring. It'd be more fun if you were able to mingle around a bit more... but everyone just stared at the stage with a blank stare.
It was kinda hilarious that all the gyarus in the hall had spent around three years fixing their hair and makeup, but me, due to some other business I hadn't even have time to wash my hair, haha.
Well! At least there was free alcohol!



I've had the best of times this weekend, ending with today's barbeque up by the river in the mountains! So much fun BUT my skin didn't think so...
I've got the worst sunburn of my life, more red than, than the reddest thing you can ever imagine, and my legs, arms AND face is on fire! This actually feels more like an actual burn than just a sunburn oooh this might have been one of the most meanest things I've done to my body. I'm sorry, body.
I guess I need to head out tomorrow to a drug store and see if I can find some gel or something, although to be honest I don't really want to put myself under the sun for the rest of my life. In the mean time, I might just spend the night taking an endless cold shower!



I'm still left in a Kishidan wonder world!
I wanna go again...

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I also shamelessly stole the above picture from Show's blog.

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Kishidan vs Nightmare @ Shibuya-AX

 That is right folks, I went to another Kishidan live! This time, an event with Nightmare!
I was pretty excited since I hadn't seen Nightmare before. I arrived to the venue 18:50 because waiting is tiresome and I always stand in the back anyway, and I got a relly nice place in the sold out Shibuya-AX (that takes 1'500 people), where I could see the whole stage and everything very clear!

So, there was the same opening act as the last time, and then Nightmare came on stage. They were wearing white gakuran uniforms! Awesome. They didn't play so many old songs which was a bit disappointing for me, but they were a nice live act and Yomi's voice is of course something special. But I don't know, they didn't quite do it for me. Probably  because I'm not as into major VK bands as I was some years ago..

And after Nightmare finished, Kishidan came on stage and everything became at least 20% cooler, oh my godness, be still my beating heart!!
No really. I got just as bewildered as the last time, if not more! Like last time, Bousou Skyline Phantom was the first song and I'm very serious when I say my heart wasn't calm for one second.
They'd changed a couple of songs from the setlist, and they had different uniforms after the break, otherwhise the show (hehe pun) was the same as last time.
I can watch them for ever and ever and EVER. ♥