Went and celebrated Hideki's birthday, got caught up in a certain discussion and missed the last train home.Well y'know things like that, they just happen sometimes.

しょうがない (shouganai)
= it can't be helped; it is inevitable; nothing can be done
is one of the expressions I use most frequently.


Job GET☆

Send in an application at a (Japanese) job site this Thursday, got a phone call yesterday, went to an interview and got the job today! Basically, as soon as I walked through the door I was hired, haha.
Wait, so this means, I have a job?
Yes! I have a job now!
Which is pretty fantastic since I
- hate working
- I hate working,
but never mind all that. The salary is pretty nice so it's all good.

So the job is, brace yourself, at a ramen restaurant in Yotsuya-sanchoume! The place is pretty neat and fresh, there are a couple other foreigners who works there (i.e. the place is open minded), my boss seems like a pretty chill man, and I get a job uniform woho!
Gonna be tough in the beginning since there's a lot to remember, but Imma try my best and not give up! Finally I can start save money for real, for FUTURE PLANS ya kno.

But really, I can't quite grip how easy it was to get this job. In the self introduction on the application I basically just wrote "Hello, I don't have any experience but I love ramen!" and at the interview he barely looked at my CV. But I guess the fact that I can speak pretty much fluent Japanese helped.

Well then!
Finally da moneyz gonna start roll in!



One of those warm n sunny winter days I just can't help but feel so happy about all and everything. Especially about where I am.

Jacket: JackRose
Shirt: Gadget Grow
Cardigan: Sixh.
Pants: Midas
Shoes: have2have

Since a while back I'm using fake lashes on an every day basis. That way, it feels like I can pretend I cared about how I looked in the morning, when in reality I'm always super sleepy and spend aprox 40min just trying to get out of the bed. I love spending time and doing elaborate make up , but I'm not a funtional human being in the mornings, that's all eheh.

Sports and blah

Yesterday we had the school activity that's held once every 3-month period, and this time it was a sports tournament.
A what?
Yes. Volleyball.
Now, I thought I didn't have to do "yay let's do sports!!!" with the school after I had the last PE lesson in my 2nd year of high school, but....!! And volleyball of all things! Oh well.
The school had rented that huge sports arena in Sendagaya so that was pretty cool! And I sat and talked a whole lot with Watanabe-sensei who I really like, so that was cool too.
What wasn't just quite cool though is that out of 18 people in my class, a total of 5 showed up. And that, you see, is the story of my current class.
Except for me and one other Swedish girl, it's only Chinese people. Can't really be helped since when you reach the higher classes it's mostly Asian people (wonder why we don't have any Koreans though), but that could certainly work, although the case is that in my class they prefer to talk only in chinese, always, all the time, while not listening to the teacher at all. And not only do half of them come 1 or 2 hours late, every day, they start to pack their bags even when the last lesson is far from over. It basically just feels like they couldn't give a shiet about school, and that effects those people who actually want to study. Every day I feel this blob of frustration building up, because I go to school to learn Japanese, not listen to Chinese all the time!
Last week there was even an... incident. So that our teacher just completely gave up on us. This Monday Watanabe-sensei (who's our teacher in charge) had a Serious Talk with the class, and they have behaved better since then. Just hope this lasts...
Not everyone is like that though, these people are really nice (Kenbai to the left is the only one I've been with all the way since the very beginning) and one or two other peeps are good people too! But the rest is just... a hopeless case I guess.
Luckily for me, there's only just a little over a month until everyone graduates, so I will start in a brand new class! Sad to say goodbye to the friends I've made, but I really hope I get in a class where there's a wider range of nationalities, since just a whole bunch of people from the same country obviously isn't such a good idea.


A highly productive sunday

Woke up at about 1000 hours too late today, don't know if it's even worth trying to get some real sleep tonight thinking of my messed up sleeping system... thing. Yesterday was loads of fun though, went out to Orenchi Koi with Emelie and our new friend Hideki! Turned into an allnighter but around 3-ish all of us just got so tired that we basically started to count down the hours till the first train started moving haha.

Today hasn't been all wasted though, went over to Jaz and Gabs to talk nonsense, play PS3 and eat nabe! So instead of wasting my life at home, I kinda wasted my life at my friend's home, and wasting life with friends = not wasting life, so basically today has been a productive day and it's all good. Yep.

Mmmmmmm nabe.


About Grand Chariot LOVE HOTEL

Put this under a cut first but then I thought weeeell what the heck.

So. You know Kabuki-chou in Shinjuku, yes?
The hood that's flooded with host clubs, hostess clubs, a billion other clubs and bars that's 18+, and people in long black coats you really should stay away from? Of course there's even more love hotels to satisfy all the... need. There's one area in the northern part that's basically just a sea of them, with a wide range of themes and luxury, for example, Grand Chariot!

Love hotel, yes. Say you picked up someone nice nearby, or you wanna spend time with that lover, or you just wanna go away and have quality time with your partner, in Tokyo there's basically always a love hotel nearby where you can get some privacy. (Because Tokyo is kinky like that.) You can choose to spend the night, or just a couple of hours. At more finer hotels there's also "free time" where you can stay how long you want between for example 10:00~20:00 for a fixed price.
You choose which room you want at a screen in the lobby and and pay the front desk, where the staff sits behind tinted glass. (You never meet the hotel staff face to face)

Grand Chariot is in the more luxurious class (there were Chanel and LV for sale in the lobby) so the room was AWESOME
A huge jacuzzi, ten different light settings (the wall changed colour woho!), well the room itself was huge, just the best atmosphere ever and oh did I mention a huge jacuzzi?
Things like karaoke and wide selection of movies are available at most hotels.
Now, Imma let you know it was not my first time at a love hotel, but the first time at such a fancy one! I do love the fancy stuff, I sure do. It's just so nice to go somewhere special and have some special time.
Japanese houses are small and built with thin walls so the love hotel industry is a big one, y'know.

I'm sure you all wanted to know this so um yea
Peace out!


Karaoke every day; it's POSSIBLE

 Karaoke-kan has a crazy campaign going on at the moment.
Listen to this: 10yen for 30min.
10 yen.
10 yen!!!
So me and Malin went after school yesterday. Sang for two hours and paid 40yen for it. 40yen! (That's 3 SEK! 3!!!) This one is always super cheap on daytime, it use to be around 80 yen / hour, but this is just ridiculous!
Oh, but, Karaoke-kan has different prices at different locations so I don't know about other than this one in Takadanobaba.

Singing in Korean is a challenge, dammmn
And yesterday's outfit. I do like to dress comfortably when I'm not in the happiest of moods.
Jacket: JackRose
Tunic, accessories: Vivienne Westwood
Cardigan: Gadget Grow
Bag: Diavlo
The rest: random.


ISI festa illustrations

Thank you for your sweet comments!
It helped me feel a bit better, although it isn't really me who need to feel better, mmh.

A while ago my school hired me to do illustrations for a speech contest in February! The deadline was a few weeks ago and I got the payment and result last week. I don't know... I personally think it's all pretty silly, what the wanted and what I made, but they were overly satisfied so that's great. They even asked if they could hire me more in the future if needed! Yeeeaaaaaah
A bit different from my usual style.
What I think it not quite as cool though, is how some people refuse to accept that I can speak Japanese... (Well, foreigners in general.) The guy at the school board who hired me tried to speak to me in English, very bad English I might add, even though I answered him in Japanese. He also got enormously surprised that I wrote kanji in the mails. And, a few mails and meetings later he still insists on trying to speak English! Now, one might say that he just want to practice on his English, but the mail contents speak otherwhise.
This is not the only time, it has happened at several and different occasions, that people don't want to believe that I can speak Japanese even though I speak to them in Japanese.... Weeeell I don't know about you but I do get a bit irritated by that.

この前私の学校は来月のスピーチ大会にイラストをもらいたいって!描いたイラストはちょっと・・・。ね。しかし先生たちって超満足してたのでいいんじゃないかwww 先週フライヤーもらって、またお願いするかもしれないって言われたー!やったねー!
ところで、時々出会う日本人って私は日本語を話せるのを信じられなくて、下手な英語で私に話してる。で、いつも日本語で答えるにもかかわらず、どうしても英語で話し続ける。 ん?こんなに英語を話したいの?また、私の日本語力を信じられない?何だよそれー><w

Ryo bought me a flower corsage from as an otsukaresama-gift! He sometimes use to do this, just pop up with something that's exactly my taste!


A reason

Lately I'm not really in the mood for blogging, as you might've noticed.
But there's a couple of reasons behind that, and one is that my mother is currently in hospital and it just plain sucks not being able to be there. Today I went to Harajuku and bought her a present. I hope she gets well soon, very soon.

I'll try to get better and write some more updates, though the low activity may continue for a little while.



Today was an awesome day.
First of all, I met the most wonderful kitty in Tokyo! There are billions of cats in my neighbourhood but all of them just runs away or stare evilly, but this one, this one..!! It was so cozy and wanted to cuddle for ages! Even followed us when we started to walk away! Ah.... happiness...!

Me and Ryo went to a manga cafe in Nakano and hanged out today. You get a booth with tv, playstation and computer, and can watch movies or play games or surf the interwebz or read any of the ridiculous amount of manga books, oh and there's a free drink bar. And super cheap. Guess I know where I'm gonna hang out after school from now on haha!



Moar furisode mania!

Oh hey, me in a furisode! From the cellphone pics I almost forgot I had. Spazzing around in the toilet. And well, it was actually less complicated to go to the toilet in this thing than I thought... did take som extra time though.
携帯で撮った成人式の写真を急に思い出した・・・ 振袖って本当にきれいだと思うよ!しかし着る方は本当に苦しい>< 写真は トイレに行った時だねww
そういえばちょっと日本語で書き始めようって思ってたけど、続けるかどうか、どうだろうなぁーwww 文法とか間違ったらごめんねーっ!
Also found this in my camera after the ceremony... Seems I'm not the only camwhore around, heheh. By the way, just after I got aired on TV I got mail saying his whole family sat and watched, and that he recorded it all! Might get it tomorrow when I meet him, oooh but not sure if I want to watch myself again.

彼は私がテレビで出た番組を録画したそうだ。明日もらうかも。で、何度も何度も私のバカみたいな顔を見える!w マジで恥ずかしかったからね・・・!

Oh hey see what I did there? Yea, I thought I might start write a bit in Japanese too... If not just for practice. Well. I might and might not, depending on how lazy I am at the moment. It's just my own questionable skills so, sorry for any mistakes heh!



Hair and maids and school

Sooo. My hairstyle has been pretty much intact for four days now! So that's how I've been looking, although instead of furisode I just pretended I was cool instead. Took it out just now though. Three billion hairpins.

The other day me and Jaz went out in Nakano, going to good ol' Bull's Cafe and met old friends, a bit of karaoke at Ban ban, and a maid bar called Bar Eden. The interior was light and fresh and the maids were kinda cute, but this one maid insisted on standing next to our table all the time trying to talk. Although she had really awkward conversation skills so the whole thing was a bit strained... why stand there if you can't talk? Well, the drinks were delicious anyway.

And today was the first day of school for the year... It was pretty yawn. Same old class with one other Swede and then only Chinese people who always speaks nothing but chinese, all the time. Ah... feels like it's gonna be three long months this termin...
Oh well.
Maybe I can try out studying.


成人式 picture post!

This was one of the most wonderful days ever~! Started out in Koenji where we got our makeup and hairdo, and got dressed. Getting dress was a violent experience, they pulled so hard that all the air in my lungs got pushed out! The furisode was freezing cold in the windy 4c day, and my feet hurt like hell, but oh it was all worth it because it felt so nice being dressed in that beautiful thing!

Went to Shinjuku and had lunch at Lumine. Felt a bit weird being at good ol' Alta dressed to the top in kimono!

The ceremony was held at Keio Plaza hotel.

At first there weren't so many people in the hall..

But then there was a lot! Over 3000!

After the speeches was over people started to go up on stage to take pictures, so we did the same. Out picture came on Shinjuku ward's homepage haha!

Also got interviewed for TV! I watched the program just now, and well that was pretty embarrassing. But kinda fun heh.

My hairdo! (With Emelie trying to photobomb) It held intact through the whole day, despite crazy strong winds!

Then we went to Harajuku to go to Meiji-jingu.

A lot of people wanted o take out picture. A lot.

Then I just had to go to JackRose and say hello to tencho-san. He seemed to get really happy!

Afterwards some chill at an izakaya, and then to Shinjuku for purikura and a quick visit to current. Then HOME AND GET UNDRESSED ah that felt awesome.

But talk about awesome day!
I had so much fun and I definately want to dress up in kimono again!

Peace out!



This day was just a big YES!♥
Will write lots and lots about all this, tomorrow, because now I want to relex and enjoy being able to stand, sit, walk and breathe properly. In the meantime, have our smashing purikura!

Ooooooooh yeeeeaaaaaahhh

...I have a feeling me and Emelie's entries are gonna be quite alike hahaha.



A couple of days ago I got news that left me with a big blob on anxiety inside my chest, although everyone says, and I know it's true, that everything's gonna be okay.
I try not to think of that so I can enjoy tomorrow to the fullest.

I did just a lil' sumthin with my nails, just not to leave them plain and boring. With nailpolish from the 100-yen store and stones ment for decoden, herpaderp.


I really. Really can't wait for tomorrow.


Day after tomorrow

Went to the beauty salon in Koenji where I'm getting dressed for the Seijin-shiki on Monday, talked about what type of hairstyle and makeup I want, and so on. I do feel like going for a more traditional Japanese look, being the westerner that I am. Also bought hair accessories! I'm not sure about them now though, might be on the look out if I find something else.
Oooh Monday!!


Octopus Army

So... the inactivity here kinda reflects what I've been doing:
nothing in particular.
I've been eating, sleeping, watching Doctor Who, messing with my diurnal rythm... but I've been working on my illustration job too! So my life hasn't been a complete waste!! Well. Today I finished (YES!) so I need to do something with the rest of the holiday or I'm gonna go mad.

Yesterday (well, the day before yesterday technically speaking) I went with Jaz and Gaby to Nakano Broadway for some shopping! Ah, so long since I went shopping.... It felt so good.
Popped into Octopus Army (just the name makes me happy) and the January sale is still going on so I treated myself a muffler that's just a yummy mess of fur and poof, and a, wait for it...

...leopard fur jacket! Not exactly the kind I was after but hey, it was cheap!
Now, the muffler was originally 4000yen, and the jacket was 8000yen, but being the insane sale, I got both items for 4000yen! Oooh that felt so good, being the poor student that I am! That I later the same day spended the rest of the money in my wallet on other, mind you, highly interesting stuff, that is a different story.

Well then. I really like Octopus Army, they have a lot of nice stuff for decent prices. I also like Nakano Broadway a lot, it's like a maze up there and I'm actually never really sure where I am, haha.




New years eve was a success! We started out in Takadanobaba at the best izakaya in the world. The plan was to go to Shibuya, but since we had the best time we decided to stay, so that's where we were at the countdown when 2010 ended and 2011 started. Later on went to Current in Shinjuku and then to the shrine at the back of Kabuki-chou to do our new year prayers. We had so much fun! A great goodbye for 2010!

The very first sunrise of 2011...

2010 has been such an amazing year for me. I'm a bit scared of the future, but I still look forward to this new year. New happenings, new possibilities!

My new years resolution is to watch more tv. Yes.