About Grand Chariot LOVE HOTEL

Put this under a cut first but then I thought weeeell what the heck.

So. You know Kabuki-chou in Shinjuku, yes?
The hood that's flooded with host clubs, hostess clubs, a billion other clubs and bars that's 18+, and people in long black coats you really should stay away from? Of course there's even more love hotels to satisfy all the... need. There's one area in the northern part that's basically just a sea of them, with a wide range of themes and luxury, for example, Grand Chariot!

Love hotel, yes. Say you picked up someone nice nearby, or you wanna spend time with that lover, or you just wanna go away and have quality time with your partner, in Tokyo there's basically always a love hotel nearby where you can get some privacy. (Because Tokyo is kinky like that.) You can choose to spend the night, or just a couple of hours. At more finer hotels there's also "free time" where you can stay how long you want between for example 10:00~20:00 for a fixed price.
You choose which room you want at a screen in the lobby and and pay the front desk, where the staff sits behind tinted glass. (You never meet the hotel staff face to face)

Grand Chariot is in the more luxurious class (there were Chanel and LV for sale in the lobby) so the room was AWESOME
A huge jacuzzi, ten different light settings (the wall changed colour woho!), well the room itself was huge, just the best atmosphere ever and oh did I mention a huge jacuzzi?
Things like karaoke and wide selection of movies are available at most hotels.
Now, Imma let you know it was not my first time at a love hotel, but the first time at such a fancy one! I do love the fancy stuff, I sure do. It's just so nice to go somewhere special and have some special time.
Japanese houses are small and built with thin walls so the love hotel industry is a big one, y'know.

I'm sure you all wanted to know this so um yea
Peace out!

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Haha, juicy juicy! I take it you had a good time, then. ;)