Hair and maids and school

Sooo. My hairstyle has been pretty much intact for four days now! So that's how I've been looking, although instead of furisode I just pretended I was cool instead. Took it out just now though. Three billion hairpins.

The other day me and Jaz went out in Nakano, going to good ol' Bull's Cafe and met old friends, a bit of karaoke at Ban ban, and a maid bar called Bar Eden. The interior was light and fresh and the maids were kinda cute, but this one maid insisted on standing next to our table all the time trying to talk. Although she had really awkward conversation skills so the whole thing was a bit strained... why stand there if you can't talk? Well, the drinks were delicious anyway.

And today was the first day of school for the year... It was pretty yawn. Same old class with one other Swede and then only Chinese people who always speaks nothing but chinese, all the time. Ah... feels like it's gonna be three long months this termin...
Oh well.
Maybe I can try out studying.

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