A highly productive sunday

Woke up at about 1000 hours too late today, don't know if it's even worth trying to get some real sleep tonight thinking of my messed up sleeping system... thing. Yesterday was loads of fun though, went out to Orenchi Koi with Emelie and our new friend Hideki! Turned into an allnighter but around 3-ish all of us just got so tired that we basically started to count down the hours till the first train started moving haha.

Today hasn't been all wasted though, went over to Jaz and Gabs to talk nonsense, play PS3 and eat nabe! So instead of wasting my life at home, I kinda wasted my life at my friend's home, and wasting life with friends = not wasting life, so basically today has been a productive day and it's all good. Yep.

Mmmmmmm nabe.

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Ram さんのコメント...

I saw a dream about you! :---D You saw my kagerou t-shirt and came to talk to me! XD haha.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Haha awesome! If I saw a Kagerou shirt I'd definately would like to make contact. (but in reality I'm too shy! :x )