ISI festa illustrations

Thank you for your sweet comments!
It helped me feel a bit better, although it isn't really me who need to feel better, mmh.

A while ago my school hired me to do illustrations for a speech contest in February! The deadline was a few weeks ago and I got the payment and result last week. I don't know... I personally think it's all pretty silly, what the wanted and what I made, but they were overly satisfied so that's great. They even asked if they could hire me more in the future if needed! Yeeeaaaaaah
A bit different from my usual style.
What I think it not quite as cool though, is how some people refuse to accept that I can speak Japanese... (Well, foreigners in general.) The guy at the school board who hired me tried to speak to me in English, very bad English I might add, even though I answered him in Japanese. He also got enormously surprised that I wrote kanji in the mails. And, a few mails and meetings later he still insists on trying to speak English! Now, one might say that he just want to practice on his English, but the mail contents speak otherwhise.
This is not the only time, it has happened at several and different occasions, that people don't want to believe that I can speak Japanese even though I speak to them in Japanese.... Weeeell I don't know about you but I do get a bit irritated by that.

この前私の学校は来月のスピーチ大会にイラストをもらいたいって!描いたイラストはちょっと・・・。ね。しかし先生たちって超満足してたのでいいんじゃないかwww 先週フライヤーもらって、またお願いするかもしれないって言われたー!やったねー!
ところで、時々出会う日本人って私は日本語を話せるのを信じられなくて、下手な英語で私に話してる。で、いつも日本語で答えるにもかかわらず、どうしても英語で話し続ける。 ん?こんなに英語を話したいの?また、私の日本語力を信じられない?何だよそれー><w

Ryo bought me a flower corsage from as an otsukaresama-gift! He sometimes use to do this, just pop up with something that's exactly my taste!

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Sofia さんのコメント...

oh dear, japanese people do that to me too all the time. even though i don't know as much japanese as you, i can still have conversations. and as you said, even if i respond in japanese all the time, they insist on speaking english. weird and kind of annoying!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

It's like they refuse to accept that a gaijin can speak their language! on the other hand there's also people who refuse to accept that I'm not fluent and don't help me out when I can't find a word, so I guess there's two sides of everything haha.

Anchu さんのコメント...

Reading several blogs of veterans who've been in Japan for about 20 years and are thus totally fluent, it happens often that people just do not understand what they're saying. Total shock? XD It's terrible.

I almost forgot to let you know, I gave you a blog award, so.. I dunno, it says I have to tell you XD I don't remember if you already got one..