Job GET☆

Send in an application at a (Japanese) job site this Thursday, got a phone call yesterday, went to an interview and got the job today! Basically, as soon as I walked through the door I was hired, haha.
Wait, so this means, I have a job?
Yes! I have a job now!
Which is pretty fantastic since I
- hate working
- I hate working,
but never mind all that. The salary is pretty nice so it's all good.

So the job is, brace yourself, at a ramen restaurant in Yotsuya-sanchoume! The place is pretty neat and fresh, there are a couple other foreigners who works there (i.e. the place is open minded), my boss seems like a pretty chill man, and I get a job uniform woho!
Gonna be tough in the beginning since there's a lot to remember, but Imma try my best and not give up! Finally I can start save money for real, for FUTURE PLANS ya kno.

But really, I can't quite grip how easy it was to get this job. In the self introduction on the application I basically just wrote "Hello, I don't have any experience but I love ramen!" and at the interview he barely looked at my CV. But I guess the fact that I can speak pretty much fluent Japanese helped.

Well then!
Finally da moneyz gonna start roll in!

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Yuzuki さんのコメント...

Congratulations to your new job~ ^^
What does the uniform look like?

Anchu さんのコメント...

That's pretty fucking neat if you ask me. Wont ever get a job that easily over here~

And hey, it's fun having collegues! at least I think so x)
Ramen shooop so japaneeese, congrats!

lex さんのコメント...

Oh, I'd like to visit you sometimes there :D

Holly さんのコメント...

Congrats! :) It's always a relief when you have a job. ^^