Moar furisode mania!

Oh hey, me in a furisode! From the cellphone pics I almost forgot I had. Spazzing around in the toilet. And well, it was actually less complicated to go to the toilet in this thing than I thought... did take som extra time though.
携帯で撮った成人式の写真を急に思い出した・・・ 振袖って本当にきれいだと思うよ!しかし着る方は本当に苦しい>< 写真は トイレに行った時だねww
そういえばちょっと日本語で書き始めようって思ってたけど、続けるかどうか、どうだろうなぁーwww 文法とか間違ったらごめんねーっ!
Also found this in my camera after the ceremony... Seems I'm not the only camwhore around, heheh. By the way, just after I got aired on TV I got mail saying his whole family sat and watched, and that he recorded it all! Might get it tomorrow when I meet him, oooh but not sure if I want to watch myself again.

彼は私がテレビで出た番組を録画したそうだ。明日もらうかも。で、何度も何度も私のバカみたいな顔を見える!w マジで恥ずかしかったからね・・・!

Oh hey see what I did there? Yea, I thought I might start write a bit in Japanese too... If not just for practice. Well. I might and might not, depending on how lazy I am at the moment. It's just my own questionable skills so, sorry for any mistakes heh!


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