Today was an awesome day.
First of all, I met the most wonderful kitty in Tokyo! There are billions of cats in my neighbourhood but all of them just runs away or stare evilly, but this one, this one..!! It was so cozy and wanted to cuddle for ages! Even followed us when we started to walk away! Ah.... happiness...!

Me and Ryo went to a manga cafe in Nakano and hanged out today. You get a booth with tv, playstation and computer, and can watch movies or play games or surf the interwebz or read any of the ridiculous amount of manga books, oh and there's a free drink bar. And super cheap. Guess I know where I'm gonna hang out after school from now on haha!


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Anchu さんのコメント...

And.. unlimited melon soda *gulp*
Animal company is muchly missed in big Tokyo ey :/

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

it is! even the cats in the cat be hatin' ,__, Lucky I found this cat!