Octopus Army

So... the inactivity here kinda reflects what I've been doing:
nothing in particular.
I've been eating, sleeping, watching Doctor Who, messing with my diurnal rythm... but I've been working on my illustration job too! So my life hasn't been a complete waste!! Well. Today I finished (YES!) so I need to do something with the rest of the holiday or I'm gonna go mad.

Yesterday (well, the day before yesterday technically speaking) I went with Jaz and Gaby to Nakano Broadway for some shopping! Ah, so long since I went shopping.... It felt so good.
Popped into Octopus Army (just the name makes me happy) and the January sale is still going on so I treated myself a muffler that's just a yummy mess of fur and poof, and a, wait for it...

...leopard fur jacket! Not exactly the kind I was after but hey, it was cheap!
Now, the muffler was originally 4000yen, and the jacket was 8000yen, but being the insane sale, I got both items for 4000yen! Oooh that felt so good, being the poor student that I am! That I later the same day spended the rest of the money in my wallet on other, mind you, highly interesting stuff, that is a different story.

Well then. I really like Octopus Army, they have a lot of nice stuff for decent prices. I also like Nakano Broadway a lot, it's like a maze up there and I'm actually never really sure where I am, haha.


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