A reason

Lately I'm not really in the mood for blogging, as you might've noticed.
But there's a couple of reasons behind that, and one is that my mother is currently in hospital and it just plain sucks not being able to be there. Today I went to Harajuku and bought her a present. I hope she gets well soon, very soon.

I'll try to get better and write some more updates, though the low activity may continue for a little while.

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Mutsumi さんのコメント...

Hope your mother is getting better soon!

maddy_madness さんのコメント...

I also hope your mother is getting better soon. I'm sure the present you bought will please her *^_^*

Keep on!

Mar さんのコメント...

Oh no, that's too bad! I hope she'll get better!

lex さんのコメント...

Hope she is getting better really soon!

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

Really hope your mom gets well soon. ♥

Manda さんのコメント...

nej ush va tråkigt.. min morsa låg på sjukhuset också nyligen och även om det inte var så himla "farligt" så oroar man ju ihjäl sej ;_; kan bara tänka mej hur jobbigt det måste var att inte kunna hälsa på :( huvva.
jag hoppas hon frisknar till snart och att du återfår bloggpeppen <3 <3