Sports and blah

Yesterday we had the school activity that's held once every 3-month period, and this time it was a sports tournament.
A what?
Yes. Volleyball.
Now, I thought I didn't have to do "yay let's do sports!!!" with the school after I had the last PE lesson in my 2nd year of high school, but....!! And volleyball of all things! Oh well.
The school had rented that huge sports arena in Sendagaya so that was pretty cool! And I sat and talked a whole lot with Watanabe-sensei who I really like, so that was cool too.
What wasn't just quite cool though is that out of 18 people in my class, a total of 5 showed up. And that, you see, is the story of my current class.
Except for me and one other Swedish girl, it's only Chinese people. Can't really be helped since when you reach the higher classes it's mostly Asian people (wonder why we don't have any Koreans though), but that could certainly work, although the case is that in my class they prefer to talk only in chinese, always, all the time, while not listening to the teacher at all. And not only do half of them come 1 or 2 hours late, every day, they start to pack their bags even when the last lesson is far from over. It basically just feels like they couldn't give a shiet about school, and that effects those people who actually want to study. Every day I feel this blob of frustration building up, because I go to school to learn Japanese, not listen to Chinese all the time!
Last week there was even an... incident. So that our teacher just completely gave up on us. This Monday Watanabe-sensei (who's our teacher in charge) had a Serious Talk with the class, and they have behaved better since then. Just hope this lasts...
Not everyone is like that though, these people are really nice (Kenbai to the left is the only one I've been with all the way since the very beginning) and one or two other peeps are good people too! But the rest is just... a hopeless case I guess.
Luckily for me, there's only just a little over a month until everyone graduates, so I will start in a brand new class! Sad to say goodbye to the friends I've made, but I really hope I get in a class where there's a wider range of nationalities, since just a whole bunch of people from the same country obviously isn't such a good idea.

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