ISI festa

Today was ISI festa, you know, the speech contest I illustrated for. The first half with the speech contest itself was boring, and the other half was not that boring, but still boring. But AUN was nice and shamisen and shakuhachi are beautiful. I also sat next to Watanabe-sensei who thought the same as me.
Then me and Ryo hung out at my place oh and it was raining today.
Over and out.


Friday night

My friend Yui (to the right) who I haven't seen in a long time invited me out with some of her friends yesterday. She's moving to Shizuoka, so now it'll be even longer before I can see her again..!

We had a course of a 3 hour nomihoudai (all you can drink) with 8 dishes, that costed 3500yen. That is a really sweet deal!
...but then you get invited so similar gatherings again, and again, and every time you need to splash the cash. When you're a group of people there's not really much else to do in Tokyo than go to an izakaya or some of the like, so it kinda can't be helped. But if you decline, if only just because you're poor, they'll assume that you don't want to be with them at all... Tokyo is expensive.

We went to a darts bar/izakaya in Shibuya, that almost felt like a host club, but it was a nice feeling and I liked it! Afterwards we went to karaoke and later on to Current. And it's amazing how many friends and aquentices I met that night! But I'm gonna miss Yui.

Today I've only slept and has nothing more planned than to watch some more streamed tv shows.
See ya!



Thanks for your encouraging comments, I really appreciated that! I have so sweet readers!
Not only am I homesick, but lately I'm thinking a lot about my future and what path to choose. It's still quite a bit until I have to decide, but I can't help thinking, and then I think and worry too much and it all goes downwards.
I think I kinda maybe perhaps know what I want to do with my life, but the big problem is that I don't even know what country I want to live in! Sweden or Japan? All I know is that I can't make it without either of them. (Oh and I'm not made of money either...) So all this future-thinking makes me in low spirits, even though I know I should stop worrying too much and enjoy my time here and now instead.

Today I had lunch at Starbucks in Takadanobaba. Spring is here, so all the limited cherry blossom themed stuff is starting to pop up again! I had the sakura frappuchino, it was delicious. Tasted like... spring!
Wearing my extra long leather gloves, mind you, hurr.



I guess last entry wasn't very interesting since people probably want to read about how fun and exciting the Tokyo life is, but, everything can't be awesome and sometimes you just get homesick. Though this is the first time it has hit me so hard. Anyway.
Have no possibly way whatsoever to go to Sweden now, but there is always Ikea! So I went there yesterday, to the one in Saitama. Ryo hadn't been there before, so he was pretty excited about the whole thing.

I ate myself to death as well, oh yes I did. Well, Ryo played a big part in that too, it was him that practically stuffed my tray! But then he ended up eating half of it, so it's ok.
Damn. That is just so good, oh my godness. And the semla tasted authentic!
We went through the store, and Ryo was amazed at how oshare everything was, while I thought it was nice but mostly just... Ikea furnishing. But then the best part: Swedish food market! I couldn't stop myself from buying the cheese, even though it was sold for a whopping 800 yen! Also, that bread is among my favorite. Mmm.
And after that we went the H&M next door and I bought a gray leopard print jacket. Sweden pride oh yeah.
See ya!


To pretend

When you live in Tokyo, its not easy when you suddenly feel tired of the big city. Well, I'd rather say, tired of the noise and loudness. Me and Ryo had a date in Ikebukuro yesterday, on a Sunday, which was a big mistake. But, even if it's not Sunday and everyone who lives in Tokyo decides to go out, there's basically people and noise anywhere you go.
Right now, I feel tired and want peace and quiet. I suspect this feeling has to do with the weather; perfect sunny sky and, most importantly, clear fresh air, which feels unusual for Tokyo. It reminds me of Sweden's wonderful air, and the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and I miss that.
On my way home today I took my walk away from the main roads and into the jungle of small, narrow side streets, where it's quiet and not so much people. I could pretend that I, at least for the moment, doesn't live in the world's biggest city.



The other day me and Ryo went to see a movie in Shinjuku. I really enjoy going to the cinema in Japan! No one talks, well to be honest no one makes any noise at all, and everyone stays and watch until the very end when the very last credits has passed by. That, is awesome.
We saw Red, that I actually liked! Didn't think I would, but on the other hand movies get huge level ups when seen in at the cinema. Also, can't beat a nice action flick from time to times... gunfights and explotions and major asskicking oooh yes, and the women were not just running around being pretty. And I like Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich! Yep, thumbs up for that one. (For the record, Ryo was completely astonished and wanted to see it again haha.)

I also realized how I think the western coolness is different than the Japanese coolness... There's just something about, for example, Bruce Willis stepping out of a moving car and beating the crap out of someone, that I just can't find in Japanese action. No wait I mean, it's still cool and awesome, but the western coolness is like another type of cool, that I, as a westerner, feel attracted to.
....do you follow me, am I making sense? I promise I can explain this better in sound effects and gestures. (It's true.)

Anyway. Long time no purikura! I like the pink one, it kinda reflects how we usually behave around each other.

Today's weather is like Swedish early summer.



I love Sixh. and the huge family of cats Mint is designing.



Today after school I had lunch with my oldest friend, Junko.
Not old as in oh I've known her for a hundred years!-old, but old as in she's a bit over 60 years old, and therefore my oldest friend. Makes sense? Yes!

We had sushi at a place on the 12th floor in the Odakyu department store in Shinjuku. I love sushi but I rarely eat good sushi, since good sushi = expensive as shiet and I'm a poor student. But I got treated so it's all well and oooh it's so good! Go there if you feel hungry and extra rich.

So while eating this yummy feast, we talked a whole lot about a whole lot of  things as usual. We also came into the subject of my future and what I want to do after I graduate my school and what I want to do with my life. After the nights heavy snowfall it was a sunny day, and together with the melting snow, warm sunshine and feelings of spring while gazing out at the ever moving Shinjuku, I felt so incredibly inspired! Yes, I can do anything! I can achieve my dreams! Even if I'm not sure what I want to do, it doesn't matter! Because just if I can fight, I can do what I want, when I want! And I will fight! 
So even if I didn't really came up with a solution, I got the feeling that everything is possible. And I'd like to keep this feeling please thank you.


Quarter Void's Valentine choco 2011 ♥

Happy Valentine's day! As everyone already knows: in Japan it's tradition for girls to give chocolate to guys on Valentine's day. I have a very special someone that I wanted to give my chocolate to, so I thought I'd share what I did! It's very easy, but I made it up myself and is very proud of the outcome!

Ingredients: Chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt, strawberries.

Put all the chocolate and ice cream with a bit yoghurt in a bowl. Yoghurt makes a very strong taste so I didn't use much. (It actually became a bit too strong anyway, so I evened it out with some cream.)

Put it in the microwave so it all melted, and blended it all together.Then mixed in some cut up strawberries.

Poured it into a bowl and put it in the freezer. (I put it in the freezer over night, and then placed it in the fridge about two hours before my boyfriend went to my place.)

Decorated with the rest of the strawberries, and done!♥
I'm so happy with the result! I felt like a good girlfriend hihi.

And yes, Ryo was overjoyed! He said it was the most awesome chocolate he's ever recieved haha. Then it didn't take long before he'd eaten it all! Oh and it was soooo delicious. Just, oh. So good. Mm. That's one for the books.
And after that he didn't need to eat dinner haha!
So that was my valentine choco!
To the guy I'm so happy to have in my life ♥

Emelie partay!

Well would you look at that! I basically never do my hair in anyway because I have the idea of it just being a bother and too difficult, but hey, it's not! And since I've decided to ignore my comlex for my face and ears, I made an updo that was very easy and simple but pretty nice.
I'm also starting to get fond of my haircolor, I've always thought of it boring, but maybe it's not so bad after all. (Also my boyfriend loves it haha) Although, if someone told me a couple of years ago that I'd be having my natural hair color parted down the middle, I'd probably laughed that person in the face. Well, you can never tell.
Although, as always, I still prefer dark and kinda heavy makeup. Wooh!

Sooo this post turned out to be full of pics of myself, buuut, the reason I went all dressed up was to go to Emelie's birthday party! She turned 20 this weekend, and we went with a total of ten people to celebrate at our favorite izakaya in Takadanobaba! It was crazy and loads of fun and I came home waaaay to late. So now Emelie has joined us old folks haha! Congrats!


No title

I did minor shopping yesterday, dropped into Gadget Grow to check out pants, but got stuck in the sales corner. I kinda promised myself my next item would be another color than black, but when I saw this shirt being sold for 70%, the shopping bag was basically already in my hand. Sweet!

Also, I've finally started a project I've been preparing for quite some time now, to draw a doujinshi! Story and characters are all original as well. Oh and, Deleter paper is like drawing in heaven, it's just the best paper you can possibly find! So yes. This will probably take a long time but I'm having SO MUCH FUN AH
Maybe, after all, this is what I want to do.

Oh and... it's snowing!


Down down down

Things have been so good for a very long time, but lately it feels like a lot of thins have just collapsed. You know when everything feels like shit?  Well everything sure is shit right now and I just feel like bury myself somewhere, though I can't do that and have to keep going. I also feel bad for being in such low spirits when I have so kind friends who tries to cheer me up.
Today is an exceptionally bad day, it all just keeps going downwards and I wish today was over already. But I got the cutest handmade gift from Emelie, it's so adorable! I'm so thankful I got it today, it reminds me of that I also have many great things too. You have to try find the good parts, yes?


Sometimes I go by bus

 But not very often since I don't have much clue about the bus routes and usually end up too far away than planned. (Uninteresting picture at the Nakano dori - Ome kaido crossing)

 Today after school I went with Alex and Yui to a Korean place in Shin-Okubo (where else!) to eat. It was so yummy! But so spicy... I can't handle spicy food really, boo.
But this, this is the first time I've eaten so much that I almost trhew up. Honestly! Which is a bit weird since it was a lot of food but not that much, ya know. But I was at max capacity. Feels like I don't have to eat for another week!

By the way, from today on it's officially spring in Japan!



Getting a job might be the best I've done for a long time now.
I'm not wasting my life anymore, I'm doing something productive!
+ that I then appreciate my free time more.

My job is very easy, it only took one day to get used to it, and now there's no problem. My boss is easygoing and doesn't get angry or anything if I do mistakes. The French guy and Korean girl I use to work with are friendly and helpful. (Why is it so easy to become friends with Korean people? Doesn't even make a minute. I wish Japanese were a bit more like that too.)

My second day today and I'm not dead like I was yesterday. I'm even starting to think that working at that ramen restaurant is... fun! Yes! Me, thinking job = fun? Where's the world going to!!

Also my uniform includes a hat, so that's just hilarious.