Down down down

Things have been so good for a very long time, but lately it feels like a lot of thins have just collapsed. You know when everything feels like shit?  Well everything sure is shit right now and I just feel like bury myself somewhere, though I can't do that and have to keep going. I also feel bad for being in such low spirits when I have so kind friends who tries to cheer me up.
Today is an exceptionally bad day, it all just keeps going downwards and I wish today was over already. But I got the cutest handmade gift from Emelie, it's so adorable! I'm so thankful I got it today, it reminds me of that I also have many great things too. You have to try find the good parts, yes?

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You hang in there, gurl. Focus on your friends, they love you. They say it's always darkest before dawn. Plus, if you live in absence of light long enough, you'll develop night vision, and how dope isn't that? Here, have some stalker support from The Old Country.

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