I guess last entry wasn't very interesting since people probably want to read about how fun and exciting the Tokyo life is, but, everything can't be awesome and sometimes you just get homesick. Though this is the first time it has hit me so hard. Anyway.
Have no possibly way whatsoever to go to Sweden now, but there is always Ikea! So I went there yesterday, to the one in Saitama. Ryo hadn't been there before, so he was pretty excited about the whole thing.

I ate myself to death as well, oh yes I did. Well, Ryo played a big part in that too, it was him that practically stuffed my tray! But then he ended up eating half of it, so it's ok.
Damn. That is just so good, oh my godness. And the semla tasted authentic!
We went through the store, and Ryo was amazed at how oshare everything was, while I thought it was nice but mostly just... Ikea furnishing. But then the best part: Swedish food market! I couldn't stop myself from buying the cheese, even though it was sold for a whopping 800 yen! Also, that bread is among my favorite. Mmm.
And after that we went the H&M next door and I bought a gray leopard print jacket. Sweden pride oh yeah.
See ya!

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さらまり さんのコメント...

I think you are right, a lot of people think living in Tokyo is some kind of magical dream paradise. But you shouldn't let it stop you from expressing yourself, being homesick is natural even in Japan!

Oh its nice you can go to Ikea and have some Swedish food easily, it sounds like a fun day^^

Anchu さんのコメント...

I don't think there's actually a lot of people (as of now) who thinks it's always 100% positive, I think that preppy-young-girls-dreaming-of-Japan age is over. It's more to do with not knowing what to say! XD

Coming from a big country as Sweden has it's good sides though, ikea and H&M, always neat to have! (or maybe it just depresses you even more..?). Live up, get some cinnamonrolls! :D

サラ~☆ さんのコメント...

Being homesick is part of living abroad and I really like your blog. I mean, I don`t know any single girl here who has the 100% perfect life.
Ups and downs are always your followers.

But I`m glad IKEA gave you some power ^^ I really want to go there someday...I think it takes 80 minutes from our apartment...but it`s so worth it!
In Germany I was always a huge IKEA fan XD My first apartment was 90% IKEA XD

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