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I did minor shopping yesterday, dropped into Gadget Grow to check out pants, but got stuck in the sales corner. I kinda promised myself my next item would be another color than black, but when I saw this shirt being sold for 70%, the shopping bag was basically already in my hand. Sweet!

Also, I've finally started a project I've been preparing for quite some time now, to draw a doujinshi! Story and characters are all original as well. Oh and, Deleter paper is like drawing in heaven, it's just the best paper you can possibly find! So yes. This will probably take a long time but I'm having SO MUCH FUN AH
Maybe, after all, this is what I want to do.

Oh and... it's snowing!

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Sofia さんのコメント...

Men OJOJ vad du är duktig på manga O_O <3

ジェニ さんのコメント...

the shirt looks cool? (*_*)

whats the story of your doujinshi like? :3
(sorry my english sucks sometimes XD)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Maybe I can do a more proper entry about the comic later on :)