Quarter Void's Valentine choco 2011 ♥

Happy Valentine's day! As everyone already knows: in Japan it's tradition for girls to give chocolate to guys on Valentine's day. I have a very special someone that I wanted to give my chocolate to, so I thought I'd share what I did! It's very easy, but I made it up myself and is very proud of the outcome!

Ingredients: Chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt, strawberries.

Put all the chocolate and ice cream with a bit yoghurt in a bowl. Yoghurt makes a very strong taste so I didn't use much. (It actually became a bit too strong anyway, so I evened it out with some cream.)

Put it in the microwave so it all melted, and blended it all together.Then mixed in some cut up strawberries.

Poured it into a bowl and put it in the freezer. (I put it in the freezer over night, and then placed it in the fridge about two hours before my boyfriend went to my place.)

Decorated with the rest of the strawberries, and done!♥
I'm so happy with the result! I felt like a good girlfriend hihi.

And yes, Ryo was overjoyed! He said it was the most awesome chocolate he's ever recieved haha. Then it didn't take long before he'd eaten it all! Oh and it was soooo delicious. Just, oh. So good. Mm. That's one for the books.
And after that he didn't need to eat dinner haha!
So that was my valentine choco!
To the guy I'm so happy to have in my life ♥

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a w e s o m e !

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I wish I've read it yesterday :D Great idea ^^