The other day me and Ryo went to see a movie in Shinjuku. I really enjoy going to the cinema in Japan! No one talks, well to be honest no one makes any noise at all, and everyone stays and watch until the very end when the very last credits has passed by. That, is awesome.
We saw Red, that I actually liked! Didn't think I would, but on the other hand movies get huge level ups when seen in at the cinema. Also, can't beat a nice action flick from time to times... gunfights and explotions and major asskicking oooh yes, and the women were not just running around being pretty. And I like Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich! Yep, thumbs up for that one. (For the record, Ryo was completely astonished and wanted to see it again haha.)

I also realized how I think the western coolness is different than the Japanese coolness... There's just something about, for example, Bruce Willis stepping out of a moving car and beating the crap out of someone, that I just can't find in Japanese action. No wait I mean, it's still cool and awesome, but the western coolness is like another type of cool, that I, as a westerner, feel attracted to.
....do you follow me, am I making sense? I promise I can explain this better in sound effects and gestures. (It's true.)

Anyway. Long time no purikura! I like the pink one, it kinda reflects how we usually behave around each other.

Today's weather is like Swedish early summer.

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