Thanks for your encouraging comments, I really appreciated that! I have so sweet readers!
Not only am I homesick, but lately I'm thinking a lot about my future and what path to choose. It's still quite a bit until I have to decide, but I can't help thinking, and then I think and worry too much and it all goes downwards.
I think I kinda maybe perhaps know what I want to do with my life, but the big problem is that I don't even know what country I want to live in! Sweden or Japan? All I know is that I can't make it without either of them. (Oh and I'm not made of money either...) So all this future-thinking makes me in low spirits, even though I know I should stop worrying too much and enjoy my time here and now instead.

Today I had lunch at Starbucks in Takadanobaba. Spring is here, so all the limited cherry blossom themed stuff is starting to pop up again! I had the sakura frappuchino, it was delicious. Tasted like... spring!
Wearing my extra long leather gloves, mind you, hurr.

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Anchu さんのコメント...

Spring and gloves, yey! hah

I'm sorry I always make long and boring comments everytime but your current ponderings just sing to me as it's the same kind of worries I always have. And hey who says you're even going to live in Japan or Sweden? XD the world's big (unfortunately?), how could we choose! I would say, begin your career where it seems easiest and then afterwards, life is surely going to take you places you didn't expect. Jajaa~~

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

I don't think your comments are boring at all :D thanks!