Sometimes I go by bus

 But not very often since I don't have much clue about the bus routes and usually end up too far away than planned. (Uninteresting picture at the Nakano dori - Ome kaido crossing)

 Today after school I went with Alex and Yui to a Korean place in Shin-Okubo (where else!) to eat. It was so yummy! But so spicy... I can't handle spicy food really, boo.
But this, this is the first time I've eaten so much that I almost trhew up. Honestly! Which is a bit weird since it was a lot of food but not that much, ya know. But I was at max capacity. Feels like I don't have to eat for another week!

By the way, from today on it's officially spring in Japan!

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lex さんのコメント...

It's snowing here :D

IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

så det var därför Yui mailade och frågade varför jag inte var i skolan. jag hade ju helt glömt att hon, jag och alex pratade om att gå och äta korean mat efter skolan idag. bummer.

サラ~☆ さんのコメント...

I know this restaurant ~ really great! ^-^