To pretend

When you live in Tokyo, its not easy when you suddenly feel tired of the big city. Well, I'd rather say, tired of the noise and loudness. Me and Ryo had a date in Ikebukuro yesterday, on a Sunday, which was a big mistake. But, even if it's not Sunday and everyone who lives in Tokyo decides to go out, there's basically people and noise anywhere you go.
Right now, I feel tired and want peace and quiet. I suspect this feeling has to do with the weather; perfect sunny sky and, most importantly, clear fresh air, which feels unusual for Tokyo. It reminds me of Sweden's wonderful air, and the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and I miss that.
On my way home today I took my walk away from the main roads and into the jungle of small, narrow side streets, where it's quiet and not so much people. I could pretend that I, at least for the moment, doesn't live in the world's biggest city.

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