How many heart attacks are healthy?

This video is basically me during Amnesia.


Then when I'm in a desperate need to calm my nerves,
I'll watch some My Little Pony.

Ah... Okay. All is good!


Nothing new

Since I can't transfer any photos you'll have to do without them for a while, but. On the other hand I can blog extra much when I go back! Speaking of, I've bought a ticket home now, my plane will depart the 2nd April and arrive the 3rd in the morning.
And well. I'm continuing just chillin' killin' over here... Eating yummy food, baking a lot, tomorrow there's a small reunion for my high school class, and now I think I'm gonna report a commercial that's so incredibly sexist I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.

Peace out!


Quiet life

As the title says, I'm living a quiet life in Borlänge at the moment. I hang out with my friends, eat some good food, and, well, not much more. I think I needed this, a break from everything. But the quiet life makes me think even more, about the future and what I want to do, although I still can't come up with any real answer. My (only two) friends are apparently also going to move away, so except for my mom and dad there will be absolutely nothing for me left in this town. But where do I want to be? I don't know...
That's what I'm thinking about right now, while the huge piles of snow is melting outside.

Also, I worked out yesterday but forgot to stretch and today I have killing aches in my calfs... So that's what you get for trying to be fit, huh?!?


Yakiniku earthquake

The night before going to Narita airport, my friend and Jaz boyfriend Hiroshi let us stay over at his place in Chiba. We went out to eat yakiniku at a place nearby, when another huge earthquake decided to surprise us. I hear they're gonna continue for a month or so...
But we had a nice time!

Mmmm yakiniku
My fridge after having jumping around after the big one, one week ago... Now that I'm in Sweden, I must say it feels good to take a brake from all the quakes!



Okay, so.
To calm down my parents and everyone who worries too much, I've gone to Sweden for a while now, until things has settled down more. It was a long trip and I'm dead tired, so I'll write more later.

In the mean time... snow! Everywhere!!


Stop it

Of course, the danger isn't really over yet, and I'm still nervous, but what makes me irritated and even more nervous is that the (...mostly western, I think) media just exaggerate the situation and blows unnecessary fear in the public. Panicking and spreading unconfirmed rumors aren't helping. Please and thanks.



 Just now the earthquake this friday was upgraded to a magnitude 9.0. The biggest in Japan in recorded history... This still feels so unreal. I've been staying over at Jaz and Max, since there's no way I felt like being alone with after shakes all the time. Things seem to have calm down now though, there's just the lightest warning of tsunami. But there's risk for acid rain since the oil refinery in Chiba was on fire, and I'm still not sure how safe the nuclear reactor in Fukushima is...
We have the TV news on at all time.
The footage from up north in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima... just makes me want to cry. Whole cities just washed away.

But here in Tokyo it's fine so far, though 5 people have died, houses here and there have collapsed or got damaged and so on. And there's not much food in the stores.
Friday evening and night was mental. Me and Jaz went out to get food, and whole Ome-kaido, the big street, was just packed with people walking home from work since no trains were running, and the only food left was pudding.
And the quake itself... Before that I just couldn't imagine how it feels, how much it shakes. How my house was shaking as if it was made of paper. When I think back it was just scary as hell, but during the quake I wasn't that scared, I think I was a bit in shock. But all is well with me, I just wish there wouldn't be any more earthquakes now.


Earthquake over 8

It's been over 1,5 hours since the big earthquake that went up to 8.8 at the epicenter, but there's still big aftershakes. Here in Nakano, it was "only" almost 6... but 6 is not just your every day shake. I'm still frightened as hell, what started out as just small shakes escalated in to huge ones, shaking my house violently for several minutes! I sat under my desk all the time, while my stuff fell down around me. Watched my fridge and worried it'd fall over, but luckily it seems earthquake safe. But it did move itself freakin 20 cm...

There's nothing but earthquake information on every channel on TV where the newscasters all wears helmets, warning everyone to stay away from the seaside and rivers. I see horrifying scenes of fires and 10m high tsunamis... 
It's been almost 2 hours since the hit, but there's still aftershakes. (and some of them are big as well!)
Ok... I need it to stop shaking now so I can calm my nerves!!

White day (kinda)

Ryo is working on Monday, the 14th of March, so we had our White Day date yesterday instead. Went to Takashimaya and I had a pretty epic plate of assorted strawberry sweets and desserts, and Ryo had a chocolat parfait, at Takano fruits parlor. We felt a bit misplaced though, since it's a fine dining place, and everyone except us were older refined ladies. It's one thing to go dine at Takashimaya with my old refined lady friend, and one thing to go with my boyfriend who's style makes everyone there think he's a delinquent.
Sooo after we finished we went out (well, after a visit to Vivienne Westwood of course) and strolled around west Shinjuku instead.
As a present (although it didn't really have to do with white day haha) I got an air moisturizer! Which is really needed since the air is so dry. It makes my place much more nicer to be in and is good to my body, since this morning I woke up and was just a bit tired! (That's amazing!) It's also good for not catching colds, well needed, I think I'm about to catch a nasty one because my bronchus is hurting pretty bad.
And you can turn on lights that changes color woho! Oh and did I mention the face? The face!!

There's just one week left in school before spring break now! The gruaduation ceremony was this wednesday for those who quit, and we've got our new classes now, kinda unofficial before the next semester. I like it way better than my last, so all is good.



I hanged out with my teacher yesterday after school. We went to Kichijouji, did some window shopping, had dinner, and went to a small live house to see Sofi Persson.
I really like to be with Watanabe-sensei, she's not only super nice and completely adorable, she also feels good to talk to. I'm currently thinking a lot too much about my future and stuff, I've talked to a few poeple about it, and thought and thought, a but I've only got headaches. But then I talked to Watanabe-sensei, and... suddenly, I think my mind has become at least a little bit clear! I think that, I now know a bit more what I want! Not sure of the details so I'm still worrying, but oh. It feels so much better.


Christon Café

I've wanted to go to Christon Café for a long time but never got away to do it, but yesterday when me and Ryo was going to an izakaya in Shinjuku, we stumbled across it and went there instead.
Tokyo Decadence is held there, but usually it's just an izakaya. It says restaurant Christon Café, but I'd call it izakaya instead.
The interior was just as I'd imagined: every christian/gothic/european church-looking thing all stuffed together so it doesn't look authentic at all, haha. But it was really gorgeous, I liked the design and concept of everything! I should've gone there dressed in EGA and it would all be perfect. (They played some techno clubmusic though that didn't really fit in.)
They had lots of original drinks that all looked awesome, and ours tasted great! We took five different foods, that tasted good but didn't really leave a lasting impression. (Except for the hot anchovy sauce, that was just delicious!) The service was great but kinda slow.
Just thought of as an izakaya it wasn't very special and I wouldn't need to go again, but as a themed izakaya with amazing concept, design and interior, I definately want to go back! So, thumbs up for Christon Café.

Tokyo Metropolitan Governement building

Located in the skyscraper district in west Shinjuku, you can't miss it. Me and Ryo were in Shinjuku for some errands, and when done I said I wanted to go up this tower, since I've never been to it. And, it's free! I like the free stuff, I sure do.
I stood down there when taking the first picture
I always like seing the city from above!
All the skyscrapers to the east, and then watching the sun go down in the west over the gray sea of Tokyo.


Hair make Radical - Best hairsalon in Tokyo!

Above is a pic from new years, when we were at Current and met this awesome dude named Ryuichi, a hairdresser who owns a salon in Harajuku. He and Ryo came along pretty well, especially since Ryuichi's salon is located about 1 min from JackRose where Ryo is working!
The other day Ryo went for a cut, and from what he told me it just seemed too good to be true, so I of course wanted to make a shot. Since my hair was really bad, super damaged, completely dead. You might've noticed in my recent pictures...
After school I went to Harajuku and to the salon, hair make Radical, and my appointment with Ryuichi! He's actually pretty famous, makes haircuts to bands like Penicillin, Sex Machineguns, other bands I don't remember, and so on. Awesome!
For some unknown reason I'm trying to get longer hair, so I wanted to save the length and just cut off the damaged parts to make it alive again. Well, remember how Ryo said it was too good to be true?
before - after
 See how the length is the same? I kinda can't believe this.
And it's so smooth and silky and feels so fresh (haha) and is just wow! My hairstyle is pretty much the same and it feels like HEY WHAT JUST HAPPENED it's suddenly so clean and alive and it feels like I'm in a commercial for shampoo!!
I told him to just cut off the damaged parts and save the length - which he did.
In contrast to basically every damn hair salon I've ever been to, where they cut off too much but still manage to leave some damaged parts!
But Ryuichi's selfmade technique was just amazing, I haven't seen any of the like before!

So listen, if you're in Tokyo and you feel like getting a haircut, just stop whatever you're doing right there and go to Hair make Radical!!
I'm not kidding when I say it's amazing and the best place I've ever been to.
And I haven't been paid to say this haha, I just want to recommend this place to everyone!
(Oh and if you go, tell them you heard it from me, willya?)
(Oh and they don't speak English, but.)

So me and Ryuichi had a pretty lively talk while I got my haircut, it took two hours (!) so we had time to chat a lot! Ah, and I also got an intensive hair treatment and full head massage. And since we're buddies yay I got a special discount woho!
Next time we're going drinking again!

Aaaah sooo, after this amazing haircut I wanted to show it to my boyfriend, so I walked the 1 minute way to JackRose! So him and I recommended the place to everyone at Jack as well haha.
Wow, thanks!
Yep, been kindof a long time since I've been there - how I've missed the place! A lot of new stuff of course, many nice items I wouldn't mind adding to my closet. And the guys seemed to have missed me too! There weren't much customers there so I could talk to everyone a lot, but especially tenchou-san, we just couldn't stop! And I can't really express how much I like everyone there, they're just so hilarious and fun! (Did I mention drop dead cool and handsome?) Tenchou-san also gave me a shirt as a present! Just like that for no reason! A sad news though is that Ichijou will leave the Harajuku store... first Kudou and now Ichijou? Sad, sad times! But Ichijou will start at the Shibuya store so that's still pretty close, unlike Kudou (who now is tenchou!) at the store in Chiba.
Well, suddenly I noticed that over three hours had passed, so time to go home. Ryo worked the late shift, but Ichijou and Wataba left the same time as me so we took company to the station. 
/wall of text that's not calm and composed at all, as always when I write about JackRose.

And now I sit here at home and has just finished writing about this wonderful, wonderful day.


So this is entry number 1000!
Just thought I'd mention.
I look forward to when I've written 9000, just so I in the next entry can say that, y'know, it's over 9000. Better start typing!!



I don't even like them ironically, I just sincerely like them love them all the way across the sky from the bottom of my heart.