Just now the earthquake this friday was upgraded to a magnitude 9.0. The biggest in Japan in recorded history... This still feels so unreal. I've been staying over at Jaz and Max, since there's no way I felt like being alone with after shakes all the time. Things seem to have calm down now though, there's just the lightest warning of tsunami. But there's risk for acid rain since the oil refinery in Chiba was on fire, and I'm still not sure how safe the nuclear reactor in Fukushima is...
We have the TV news on at all time.
The footage from up north in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima... just makes me want to cry. Whole cities just washed away.

But here in Tokyo it's fine so far, though 5 people have died, houses here and there have collapsed or got damaged and so on. And there's not much food in the stores.
Friday evening and night was mental. Me and Jaz went out to get food, and whole Ome-kaido, the big street, was just packed with people walking home from work since no trains were running, and the only food left was pudding.
And the quake itself... Before that I just couldn't imagine how it feels, how much it shakes. How my house was shaking as if it was made of paper. When I think back it was just scary as hell, but during the quake I wasn't that scared, I think I was a bit in shock. But all is well with me, I just wish there wouldn't be any more earthquakes now.

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And that, is why I'd never even dream of living alone in Japan. Scary.
You aren't thinking of going back to Sweden for some time?