Christon Café

I've wanted to go to Christon Café for a long time but never got away to do it, but yesterday when me and Ryo was going to an izakaya in Shinjuku, we stumbled across it and went there instead.
Tokyo Decadence is held there, but usually it's just an izakaya. It says restaurant Christon Café, but I'd call it izakaya instead.
The interior was just as I'd imagined: every christian/gothic/european church-looking thing all stuffed together so it doesn't look authentic at all, haha. But it was really gorgeous, I liked the design and concept of everything! I should've gone there dressed in EGA and it would all be perfect. (They played some techno clubmusic though that didn't really fit in.)
They had lots of original drinks that all looked awesome, and ours tasted great! We took five different foods, that tasted good but didn't really leave a lasting impression. (Except for the hot anchovy sauce, that was just delicious!) The service was great but kinda slow.
Just thought of as an izakaya it wasn't very special and I wouldn't need to go again, but as a themed izakaya with amazing concept, design and interior, I definately want to go back! So, thumbs up for Christon Café.

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