Hair make Radical - Best hairsalon in Tokyo!

Above is a pic from new years, when we were at Current and met this awesome dude named Ryuichi, a hairdresser who owns a salon in Harajuku. He and Ryo came along pretty well, especially since Ryuichi's salon is located about 1 min from JackRose where Ryo is working!
The other day Ryo went for a cut, and from what he told me it just seemed too good to be true, so I of course wanted to make a shot. Since my hair was really bad, super damaged, completely dead. You might've noticed in my recent pictures...
After school I went to Harajuku and to the salon, hair make Radical, and my appointment with Ryuichi! He's actually pretty famous, makes haircuts to bands like Penicillin, Sex Machineguns, other bands I don't remember, and so on. Awesome!
For some unknown reason I'm trying to get longer hair, so I wanted to save the length and just cut off the damaged parts to make it alive again. Well, remember how Ryo said it was too good to be true?
before - after
 See how the length is the same? I kinda can't believe this.
And it's so smooth and silky and feels so fresh (haha) and is just wow! My hairstyle is pretty much the same and it feels like HEY WHAT JUST HAPPENED it's suddenly so clean and alive and it feels like I'm in a commercial for shampoo!!
I told him to just cut off the damaged parts and save the length - which he did.
In contrast to basically every damn hair salon I've ever been to, where they cut off too much but still manage to leave some damaged parts!
But Ryuichi's selfmade technique was just amazing, I haven't seen any of the like before!

So listen, if you're in Tokyo and you feel like getting a haircut, just stop whatever you're doing right there and go to Hair make Radical!!
I'm not kidding when I say it's amazing and the best place I've ever been to.
And I haven't been paid to say this haha, I just want to recommend this place to everyone!
(Oh and if you go, tell them you heard it from me, willya?)
(Oh and they don't speak English, but.)

So me and Ryuichi had a pretty lively talk while I got my haircut, it took two hours (!) so we had time to chat a lot! Ah, and I also got an intensive hair treatment and full head massage. And since we're buddies yay I got a special discount woho!
Next time we're going drinking again!

Aaaah sooo, after this amazing haircut I wanted to show it to my boyfriend, so I walked the 1 minute way to JackRose! So him and I recommended the place to everyone at Jack as well haha.
Wow, thanks!
Yep, been kindof a long time since I've been there - how I've missed the place! A lot of new stuff of course, many nice items I wouldn't mind adding to my closet. And the guys seemed to have missed me too! There weren't much customers there so I could talk to everyone a lot, but especially tenchou-san, we just couldn't stop! And I can't really express how much I like everyone there, they're just so hilarious and fun! (Did I mention drop dead cool and handsome?) Tenchou-san also gave me a shirt as a present! Just like that for no reason! A sad news though is that Ichijou will leave the Harajuku store... first Kudou and now Ichijou? Sad, sad times! But Ichijou will start at the Shibuya store so that's still pretty close, unlike Kudou (who now is tenchou!) at the store in Chiba.
Well, suddenly I noticed that over three hours had passed, so time to go home. Ryo worked the late shift, but Ichijou and Wataba left the same time as me so we took company to the station. 
/wall of text that's not calm and composed at all, as always when I write about JackRose.

And now I sit here at home and has just finished writing about this wonderful, wonderful day.

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匿名 さんのコメント...

Oh, I wish I could get a proper haircut too. I have cut my hair by myself and yes, it looks dull and dead. But every time I go to a hair salon, they completely ruin my hair! They always have their own "visions" and they always execute them even when I say that I certainly don't want something like that. Here people who think that super blonde hair and over use of straightening iron is a good idea usually become hairdressers. They just think it's fun but they have no talent!

匿名 さんのコメント...

Thank you so much! ♥
That's exactly what I've been looking for, since my hair just looks the horrible way you've mentioned D:

So let me tell you a thing: I'll definitely go there SOON and I'll definitely tell I've got the recommendation by Ylva :D Hope you don't mind to be mentioned by a total stranger xD


Miriam さんのコメント...

Wooow, that looks great! *_* That is seriuosly amazing.

ジェニ さんのコメント...

wow your hair really turned out great (*_*)

I am going to recommend this salon to my friends, because they made some really bad experiences with japanese hair salons :(

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

You should all definately go there, because this is serioiusly out of this world!

sternenschauer: って誰だと分かんないけどもちろんいいよw ちなみにそれこそオタクっぽくない?wwww でもなんか、「知り合いで彼女のブログを見た」って言って?ラディカルのことをブログで書いたって伝えさせたいと思うから(´▽`)ノ そういえば私、日本語で「イルヴァ」って呼ばれてるよ☆ よろしくな!

匿名 さんのコメント...

畏まりましたww そうするぜー!