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Of course, the danger isn't really over yet, and I'm still nervous, but what makes me irritated and even more nervous is that the (...mostly western, I think) media just exaggerate the situation and blows unnecessary fear in the public. Panicking and spreading unconfirmed rumors aren't helping. Please and thanks.

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hanna さんのコメント...

The Finnish press is having a fucking field day with this and it's annoying, misleading and completely unnecessary.

There's nothing else on the news than Fukushima and they're making a huge deal about it. One time I watched, the news anchor was talking to an expert about radiation and nuclear safety and the reporter herself said, for example "what kind of devastating catastrophe can come out of this situation?" to which the expert answered "out of the 6 reactors, only 3 have had problems and all of them are stable and if anything happened, the Finnish are not in danger" and as a result, almost all pharmacies in Finland sold out on potassium iodate pills IN A DAY. Every now and then I'm really embarassed to be a Finn.

In the same news cast, they had sent someone to Japan to the disaster zone, somewhere near Fukushima, I suppose. He told the news anchor "We're still about 100km from our destination. We made a stop at a gas station a while ago and there the rumour was that the evacuation zone for Fukushima has been extended to 100km from 20km. This is a clear sign that the danger really is real and imminent." Yeah, right, it's real when you're basing it on a rumour you heard on a gas station. Sure. *headdesk*

Anyway, glad to hear you're alright! And that you have friends to rely on, I feel really bad for all the people who have to go through this alone. I've been watching NHK World ever since Friday and it's been horrifying to just watch it, I can't even begin to imagine what it's been like to go through.

サラ~☆ さんのコメント...

My family was making so much pressure that I had to leave Tokyo today...
I still hope I can return in 2 weeks.

The Western media is making everyone crazy here...mz grandma wants me to stay in Germany for good and never return to Tokyo XD
SURE! I simply erase all of my dreams, my life and all of everything I am and stay in Germany XD
No way!!!

Anyway, hope to be back in 10 days...