White day (kinda)

Ryo is working on Monday, the 14th of March, so we had our White Day date yesterday instead. Went to Takashimaya and I had a pretty epic plate of assorted strawberry sweets and desserts, and Ryo had a chocolat parfait, at Takano fruits parlor. We felt a bit misplaced though, since it's a fine dining place, and everyone except us were older refined ladies. It's one thing to go dine at Takashimaya with my old refined lady friend, and one thing to go with my boyfriend who's style makes everyone there think he's a delinquent.
Sooo after we finished we went out (well, after a visit to Vivienne Westwood of course) and strolled around west Shinjuku instead.
As a present (although it didn't really have to do with white day haha) I got an air moisturizer! Which is really needed since the air is so dry. It makes my place much more nicer to be in and is good to my body, since this morning I woke up and was just a bit tired! (That's amazing!) It's also good for not catching colds, well needed, I think I'm about to catch a nasty one because my bronchus is hurting pretty bad.
And you can turn on lights that changes color woho! Oh and did I mention the face? The face!!

There's just one week left in school before spring break now! The gruaduation ceremony was this wednesday for those who quit, and we've got our new classes now, kinda unofficial before the next semester. I like it way better than my last, so all is good.

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