Yakiniku earthquake

The night before going to Narita airport, my friend and Jaz boyfriend Hiroshi let us stay over at his place in Chiba. We went out to eat yakiniku at a place nearby, when another huge earthquake decided to surprise us. I hear they're gonna continue for a month or so...
But we had a nice time!

Mmmm yakiniku
My fridge after having jumping around after the big one, one week ago... Now that I'm in Sweden, I must say it feels good to take a brake from all the quakes!

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Camilla さんのコメント...

I agree, taking a break from the earthquakes is a big releif.

xannyinjapan さんのコメント...

Glad to hear all is okay! >__<;;

taking a break def would be nice haha especially for those left in japan~