Today after school I went to Shibuya (which was a pretty long time ago? Yes.) and met up with Sarah! She is just as sweet and lovely as she seems like in her blog, and we went to Starbucks and had a nice time talking a lot about a lot of things.

Purikura was also taken, but man, some days are just not your purikura day... Well, what can you do!
I had fun and hope to see her again soon!



Now what is that skirt doing right there, hm? Although today's wind was nothing compared to yesterday, the gale was so strong that it actually hurt when it hit me right in the face and I almost fell over. Thanks for the bitchslap, haha!

On a more personal note, my self esteem has been going somewhat up and down lately. I'm happy to say it's actually been mostly up, although I need to work on it more. I'm also trying to start liking my face a bit more by pulling back my hair sometimes instead of having it in my face all the time. Let's see how long I let this pic stay up!



Speaking of hair, I got nostalgic and looked in old picture folders, back when I stopped going to hair salons to cut the hair myself  in Visual kei inspired hairstyles. If the 17 year old me would see me now, with my natural hair color just parted down the middle (!) in a not very outstanding way, I might've just laughed and continue to tease and spray like there was no tomorrow.
I don't think I'd like to go back to something like that (well at least not now) but I kinda miss doing some  shiet with my hair all the time... Maybe it's finally time for me to do something, anything, with my hair again!



Today I went back to hair-make Radical (aka best hair salon in recorded history) for an appointment, and Ryuichi (aka best hair dresser in recorded history) made my hair alive again.
Do you remember last post about it? Of course you do!

And today was juuuust as amazing! He cut off so much hair, but I've still got it all left!
Oh my godness.
Once again, I walk the streets with the best hair cut in recorded history.
Mmm yes.

The Weekend

So... how did it happen that I've had the most awesome weekend in about 500 years, but the only picture I have is of the frog I ate? How will I remember this!

I'll make a note to my future self:

- 1200yen nomihoudai in Nakano, quick visit to Bull's, some interesting mails.
- 80's bar, finding the best place in town: Nakano Café, meeting interesting people.
- Nakano sun plaza and Broadway, Nakano Café again, Bar Place (but what kind of name is that hah) in Takadanobaba, izakaya in Koenji, and Omi.
And today I've started to play Jubeat and wonder why I haven't done that before. (Seriously.)

Oh wait today isn't even over yet!
This weekend was so awesome I think I need to take a power nap now.


Thank you Book Off

Yesterday I went into Book Off for a minute, and found Lonely Night with Kishidan for 250 yen and Shinjin with Kreva for 500 yen. Original price 3000 yen each! I don't care one single bit that someone else has used these before me, especially since second hand items here, at least from my experience, is either in top condition or no difference than if I'd bought them new. Excellent!

Oh and speaking of Kreva, here's a song I always have to keep a strain on myself not to listen to it every minute of the day.

Someone explain to me how music can be this GOOD?!


Tenchou-san denial

Well this is a late post, but.
Last Friday I was out drinking with tenchou-san! It feels like such a long time ago now so I don't know really what to write but...
I could conclude once again that tenchou-san is so weak to alcohol although he pretend he's not, and that Wataba is probably one of the most stupid people I know of hah! Mhm, we went to Orenchi koi and later for some karaoke, it was loads of fun and ウゴンの力 is the shiet.
Somehow Max always gets along very well with the Japanese boys haha


Karaoke life!

So as I've probably written before, at Karaoke-kan one block from my school in Takadanobaba, they have super cheap karaoke (80 yen per hour) meaning there has indeed been some after school sessions there, yes. Nothing beats a couple of hours karaoke after reading N1 grammar since morning! The price at Karaoke-kan depends on where it is, but apart from that I think it's my favorite place due to the party lights, flashy interiour design, awesome party lights, the staff uniforms, and the super awesome party lights.
But if you know what I'm singing
here you'll get 300 points.
So anyway.
The list of songs you can sing goes on forever and ever and ever, but there are always some songs I just have to sing, y'know. Well, I have a lot of such songs actually. (I can honestly say that the times I go to karaoke without singing at least one song with Kishidan are so few I can't even bother to remember. Yes.) Although what songs that is also changes with time! About one year ago I always sang DJ Ozma, but lately there haven't been much of that. Until today when I tried E.YO.NE!! for the first time actually, and I immediately feel that this one's gonna stick!

Then there's also some songs that I enjoy singing now that was almost impossible to sing when I first moved to Japan in 2009, and that, my dear readers, is a pleasure and a joy! Like this one here, aw yeah, this one's gonna stick as well.

Aah damn, they are just so awesome. As in "be still my beating heart"-awesome.

Now, there's tons and tons and tons of more songs that I usually sing or sing sometimes or want to sing, but we wouldn't want me to make this entry take up more space, now would we.
What's your favorite song at karaoke?


Monday with Watanabe-sensei

After spending some time with Jaz at the gamecenter in Nakano Broadway, and after running into Satoshi whom I haven't seen for three ages, and also seeing Harada from across the platform, I headed back to Takadanobaba to meet Watanabe-sensei!
We had tea, and then went to eat dinner, all while talking about everything and nothing. I'm so happy how quick we went from student - teacher and how natural it feels to be friends with her, like we've known each other for a long, long time, and how we can talk about exactly everything, even though we're so much unlike! I'm so happy I became friends with her and I have a feeling she feels the same.

I also know how boring a textpost is, so here's what I ate for lunch.


I fell

I never thought I'd like Michael Cera, I always thought he was too cute and uh, maybe a little too much hipster for my taste (can I say that?), but when I was in Sweden on spring break me and a friend watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and he had just been in frame for a split second and, I couldn't help myself but to just fall head over heels! Oh! Be still, my beating heart! Twas a long time ago since I fangirled something/someone, but now it feels like I'm 12 years old again and I, I mean, just look at that smile and those eyes!
Okay, this weekend has been very unproductive for me, so excuse my outburst of fangirling while I go watch some Michael Cera movies while giggling like a schoolgirl.



There's always different levels of seriosity when you take purikura. There's the ordinary when you just pretend you're very pretty...
Or when you just show your true self.
Somehow I think I like the latter one better, hurr.



So me and Jaz were eating lunch at a place near school, when suddenly: Suzujun!
That sure was a pleasant surprise!
He and his wife got a baby just two days after the march 11 earthquake.

And yes, beer for lunch because it's friday and why not!


Update from a Tokyo in spring

Ah.. so wonderful weather! Walking through the rain of sakura petals swirling down in the warm sunshine, man it feels great to be alive! If only it would continue like this through summer... Spring here is like summer in Sweden haha. But, it's only spring, and it will become much hotter still.
But that doesn't affect my mood right now!
So here's some pictures that didn't get an entry of their own.
Awkward model pose. The stockings are awesome though! Family Mart ftw, bwahaha.
A flyer in the mailbox asking to not overconsume.
"Fabulous, sparkling, tingling sexy life with NYX! oh~ la~ la~ Who can resist me?"
Doesn't really show in this photo but GLITTER OH MY GOD SO MUCH GLITTER YAY
Got invitaded to a friend's birthday party!
She always writes so cute mails I just wanna hug my phone.
Lately, I've become pretty good at doing the Awkward Face myself. Maybe I'm a natural!
Peace out!


This necklace

Just. This necklace. Bought one year ago.

A while ago when at JackRose, Harada complimented me for it and asked if it was Justin Davis. To which I answered that actually, nope, this necklace is from JackRose! Hah, that was an embarrassing moment for him, mainly because he's the one who makes the accessories there!

Today when I went there after school, tenchou-san complimented me for it, said that it looked expensive and asked where it was from. He didn't believe it was JackRose until I showed him the brand tag!

This necklace might be a much better buy than I originally thought.



I think I've forgot to mention that school has started again, last Thursday that is! Only 6 (less than half) were there first, but three others has come back since then. Right now there's only Chinese people again, but I think there are a couple of Koreans too. Okabe-sensei praised me today for being a European that's in the highest level, hah. Speaking of, yes, I'm in 上級 now, the highest level! I don't have any problems (yet) but I know where I fail: I need to expand my vocabulary of words in the field of politics and business and the like!

My new class is great though, they don't talk in class, they listen to the teacher and are active in discussions! (As for me, I've always been the quiet one in the classroom...) They don't sleep or eat or speak to each other in chinese during class either. YES. Feels good! Much more fun to go to school now.

Oh and if you thought you'd seen enough sakura trees from me,
you thought ooooh so wrong!
Just by the school me and Malin stumbled upon these beautys!
The river is full of flower petals
Frog king makes silly face under sakura tree



Found a small lunch place just near the school, where, I'm not sure but, everything looked very eco and handmade. I had the best omuraisu I've ever tasted. In my entire life!


There really is no stopping the earthquakes, was a rather big one (again!) just now. There's plenty of smaller ones, the other day when I was just strolling around at home I felt three of 'em, and we get pretty bad ones (magnitude 4 or 5 or higher) every other day it feels like. Who was it that said we're gonna have these aftershakes for another 6 months or so? It's been 1 month today since the horrible Big One. I guess until they've got full control over at the nuclear plant in Fukushima you I feel 100% safe again, but in Tokyo everything is cool, and if I'm gonna go around being scared shitless of earthquakes all the time, then deciding to move to Japan wouldn't have been a very good idea. Right.

So this post wasn't really gonna be about earthquakes, but about saying that I'm over my ex, if I even was sad to begin with, so no need to feel sorry for that, if you ever did.

Hanami nr 2

Yesterday we went out for hanami in Yoyogi kouen again! Since the flowers hadn't come in full bloom yet last week, naturally there was more people this weekend, and oh my so many of them! People everywhere, and the queue to the toilets were just insane haha.
 I must admit though that I don't think Yoyogi is the best place for hanami you can find, there's more trees in Ueno for example (where I was last year), but still it was fun!
Sakura flavoured chu-hi, yummeh
 We sat by the pond, but later on went to a group of people that some in our group knew (I think), and after that, me and Martin stumbled upon another group that we hanged out with for a while. I turned down an offer to go eat ramen with them, might've been a bad idea but on the other hand it was a bit late and school next day.

But the highlight of that hanami might've been that time when, while it was starting to get dark, this guy went straight out in the pond with his bicycle, completely naked I might add, went up on a small platform and then dived headfirst into the water, all this while lots and lots of bats were flying around above our heads! I have to admit, that felt pretty weird. Yes.


Sakura 2011 picture post

The sakura season is here as you know, and yesterday me and Jasmine went out to enjoy the beautiful trees in full bloom. The wind was very strong that day, so it made the flower petals rain down around us as we walked.
We started out in Arai, and went to a temple.
I bought a fortune that said my future will bring luck!
Oden for lunch under the sakura trees at the park next to the shrine
Then we walked along Nakano doori, there was sakura trees all the way!
It's so overwhelming, the beauty of these flowers is just outstanding! It almost felt unreal at some points, like we were in a tv drama or something. The obsession fascination of sakura is so easy to understand when you stand next to the flowers with the wonderful smell, and walk under the trees that drops petals around you.
At the park. Since it's no big centers around here and it was a weekday, there weren't so much peopleout, making it even more peaceful.
Took the bus back to Nakano
...where we went to Starbucks, because the sakura frappuchino tastes like HEAVEN
Also my hair was all messed up because of the strong winds haha.
And we ended it with a couple of hours karaoke at Moco moco! (Hawaiian themed karaoke place bwahaha)
I swear I have enough pictures to last for 3 years or something.
Ah, but I just can't get enough. I guess for me (too) sakura is like beauty personified. ..in a tree.