Hanami nr 2

Yesterday we went out for hanami in Yoyogi kouen again! Since the flowers hadn't come in full bloom yet last week, naturally there was more people this weekend, and oh my so many of them! People everywhere, and the queue to the toilets were just insane haha.
 I must admit though that I don't think Yoyogi is the best place for hanami you can find, there's more trees in Ueno for example (where I was last year), but still it was fun!
Sakura flavoured chu-hi, yummeh
 We sat by the pond, but later on went to a group of people that some in our group knew (I think), and after that, me and Martin stumbled upon another group that we hanged out with for a while. I turned down an offer to go eat ramen with them, might've been a bad idea but on the other hand it was a bit late and school next day.

But the highlight of that hanami might've been that time when, while it was starting to get dark, this guy went straight out in the pond with his bicycle, completely naked I might add, went up on a small platform and then dived headfirst into the water, all this while lots and lots of bats were flying around above our heads! I have to admit, that felt pretty weird. Yes.

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みか☆ちゃん さんのコメント...

That last part is probably the weirdest thing I have heard... xDD;;;

But, glad you had fun!