Sakura 2011 picture post

The sakura season is here as you know, and yesterday me and Jasmine went out to enjoy the beautiful trees in full bloom. The wind was very strong that day, so it made the flower petals rain down around us as we walked.
We started out in Arai, and went to a temple.
I bought a fortune that said my future will bring luck!
Oden for lunch under the sakura trees at the park next to the shrine
Then we walked along Nakano doori, there was sakura trees all the way!
It's so overwhelming, the beauty of these flowers is just outstanding! It almost felt unreal at some points, like we were in a tv drama or something. The obsession fascination of sakura is so easy to understand when you stand next to the flowers with the wonderful smell, and walk under the trees that drops petals around you.
At the park. Since it's no big centers around here and it was a weekday, there weren't so much peopleout, making it even more peaceful.
Took the bus back to Nakano
...where we went to Starbucks, because the sakura frappuchino tastes like HEAVEN
Also my hair was all messed up because of the strong winds haha.
And we ended it with a couple of hours karaoke at Moco moco! (Hawaiian themed karaoke place bwahaha)
I swear I have enough pictures to last for 3 years or something.
Ah, but I just can't get enough. I guess for me (too) sakura is like beauty personified. ..in a tree.

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Beautiful photos ~~

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Aw, looks so lovely! ^o^