I think I've forgot to mention that school has started again, last Thursday that is! Only 6 (less than half) were there first, but three others has come back since then. Right now there's only Chinese people again, but I think there are a couple of Koreans too. Okabe-sensei praised me today for being a European that's in the highest level, hah. Speaking of, yes, I'm in 上級 now, the highest level! I don't have any problems (yet) but I know where I fail: I need to expand my vocabulary of words in the field of politics and business and the like!

My new class is great though, they don't talk in class, they listen to the teacher and are active in discussions! (As for me, I've always been the quiet one in the classroom...) They don't sleep or eat or speak to each other in chinese during class either. YES. Feels good! Much more fun to go to school now.

Oh and if you thought you'd seen enough sakura trees from me,
you thought ooooh so wrong!
Just by the school me and Malin stumbled upon these beautys!
The river is full of flower petals
Frog king makes silly face under sakura tree

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みか☆ちゃん さんのコメント...

Aw, your pictures always look lovely! ^o^

I'll also be attending a language school for a bit, so I'm assuming due to the disasters, that a lot of students have cancelled. So I'm expecting just asian ethnicity to be there but you never know I guess!