There really is no stopping the earthquakes, was a rather big one (again!) just now. There's plenty of smaller ones, the other day when I was just strolling around at home I felt three of 'em, and we get pretty bad ones (magnitude 4 or 5 or higher) every other day it feels like. Who was it that said we're gonna have these aftershakes for another 6 months or so? It's been 1 month today since the horrible Big One. I guess until they've got full control over at the nuclear plant in Fukushima you I feel 100% safe again, but in Tokyo everything is cool, and if I'm gonna go around being scared shitless of earthquakes all the time, then deciding to move to Japan wouldn't have been a very good idea. Right.

So this post wasn't really gonna be about earthquakes, but about saying that I'm over my ex, if I even was sad to begin with, so no need to feel sorry for that, if you ever did.

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