This necklace

Just. This necklace. Bought one year ago.

A while ago when at JackRose, Harada complimented me for it and asked if it was Justin Davis. To which I answered that actually, nope, this necklace is from JackRose! Hah, that was an embarrassing moment for him, mainly because he's the one who makes the accessories there!

Today when I went there after school, tenchou-san complimented me for it, said that it looked expensive and asked where it was from. He didn't believe it was JackRose until I showed him the brand tag!

This necklace might be a much better buy than I originally thought.

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SARA MARI さんのコメント...

Oheheh, he ought to remember his accessory design XD But I agree it's a really cool/classic necklace. It should look great with many outfits!

IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

HAHAHHAHAHAHA x'DDDD Jag grinade fan när jag läste det här x'D AWESOME OF EPICNESS! :D