Update from a Tokyo in spring

Ah.. so wonderful weather! Walking through the rain of sakura petals swirling down in the warm sunshine, man it feels great to be alive! If only it would continue like this through summer... Spring here is like summer in Sweden haha. But, it's only spring, and it will become much hotter still.
But that doesn't affect my mood right now!
So here's some pictures that didn't get an entry of their own.
Awkward model pose. The stockings are awesome though! Family Mart ftw, bwahaha.
A flyer in the mailbox asking to not overconsume.
"Fabulous, sparkling, tingling sexy life with NYX! oh~ la~ la~ Who can resist me?"
Doesn't really show in this photo but GLITTER OH MY GOD SO MUCH GLITTER YAY
Got invitaded to a friend's birthday party!
She always writes so cute mails I just wanna hug my phone.
Lately, I've become pretty good at doing the Awkward Face myself. Maybe I'm a natural!
Peace out!

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みか☆ちゃん さんのコメント...

Aw, your friend does write so cute! ^^

I'm from Southern California, so our summers are SCORCHING hot! That's why when people tell me that it's crazy hot and humid in Japan during summer, I wonder if I can handle the heat better than anyone there! Since I'm from such a hot place anyway ^^;; but, we'll see I guess!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!